Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bits of sewing

here is a table topper i'm hoping to finish today! i'm using some of the box 'o gingham and the rest are from a fat quarter bundle i picked up at joann's on clearance. it has a linen backing and it's from the link in my last post - a quilt as you go project. trying to decide what to bind it with. it measures about 14"x20" and was going to be a placemat, but we aren't really placemat people and i'm too lazy to make 5 more. so it fits nicely in the center as a runnerish sort of thing.

and these are some of those crayon books i told you about a week or so ago.  i realized i never shared any pics, and since they are going in the booth tomorrow i wanted to put them out there.  i don't like doing the character stuff, but my daughter was dying for the tweety and i had some leftover, and the tink was some i picked up for the custom order.  we ended up not using it, and doing all three books in disney princess, for their trip this week to disneyland! the dots came from the sewmamasew swap.

anyways, these are probably the last of these wallets you'll see for a bit.  dollar store doesn't carry the 3x5 spiral notebooks for them anymore, and they're more expensive and not as cute everywhere else.  plus i have a bunch of 5x7 notebooks cut out that need stitched!  and i'm hoping when i go into town tomorrow that my booth will have been cleaned out last saturday during the sidewalk sale and craft fair!  cross your fingers for me!

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