Monday, May 24, 2010

guess what?  i won a giveaway!  i am going to be the lucky recipient of this gorgeous girl's apron and equally pretty wall art!  i hope i can bring myself to share it with my daughter.  i know the pretty wall hanging is going in my craft room.

we are having memorial day guests, so i am trying to clean and organize the guest/sewing room.  i have a huge pile of unfinished projects and i really want to get going on them!  patience, tammie, patience.  once it's vacuumed and dusted, i will get going.  of course, on my blog hopping last week i only found about fifty new things i want to make - like this swaddle blanket at prudent baby, and this table topper at v & co.  and this button necklace at verypurpleperson. 

and the kids are home for the summer now, how great it's going to be, not going anywhere!  june will be busy in the evening, with tball games three times a week!  but the days are all for us.  no appointments, no scheduled activities, just us, playing outside and doing puzzles.  we slept in today, and have been playing with playdoh all morning.  i'm hoping to do a little gardening later, while they play in the baby pool.  have a great day, see you soon!


Tammie said...

you have the best giveaway luck of anyone on the internet. i dont know how you do it. you should play the lottery!

congrats to you. :)

Candice @ Made With Love said...

Congrats lucky girl! :)

Lauranie said...

YAY!! for you!! Wow...just went through all of your posts that I've been missing...again...whew!! You sure have accomplished alot!! :D Congrats on a BOY!! You think you are BUSY now!! T-ball will be never-ending! HA! Sorry I missed your giveaway, but since I won the last one...I guess I can't be too greedy..I STILL love my notebook!! Hopefully I will do a better job keeping in touch this Summer!!


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