Tuesday, May 4, 2010

happy 20 years!

the parents as teachers 20th anniversary party went well.  i made the maypole "tree skirts" out of a white sheet, with pink gingham ties.  they were pretty and easy, since i didn't hem them.  the sheets actually didn't fray at all, i wonder what they do after washing?

i also tied curling ribbon bows around 240 bubble party favors.  then topped them off with tiny stickers.  i thought that was crazy, then found out one of the other moms made over 200 cupcakes and a two tiered cake!!  thank goodness i got the bubbles ;)

we also had a rice table with stretchy insects buried, and a pool with shredded paper and hidden toys, and some tunnels, parachute games, chalk, shaving cream paint, and the may poles.

it was a fun night for the kids!

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