Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day!

we have been having a great time this weekend, lots of laughs and food and boat rides.  and last weekend, my mom moved my nana out of her place into their home.  which has resulted in even more donations to "save the craft supplies" otherwise known as my guest room.  but really, how can i resist?

like her button box and quilt blocks.   my nana is actually having a hard time letting these things go, she's had them for so many years.  and at 91, she's still a feisty gal.  she's really having to adjust to the idea that she will never use those buttons, or this fabric, and she doesn't like it.  i know i wouldn't either. 

so it's bittersweet to me.  i am happy to be given these little treasures, and i feel sort of honored that it's my "job" to make something happen with them.  and at the same time, i now have more stuff than i could ever use up in this lifetime.  i've got to make something work here, i'm just not sure how i am going to do it. and i realized that i come by my hoarding nature honestly!  i am really going to try to be more productive this summer.  so you may see me a little less.  or more, depending how productive i actually am!

i'll leave you with a rare pic of me (and my bump!)  it was taken by emma, she actually got some really fun pics saturday!


Tammie said...

aah! look at your bump. you look great!!

i would definitely be feeling the pressure to make something special with some of nanas things. cant wait to see what you create.

Lauranie said...

Oh you are beautifully GLOWING!! I love pictures taken from a child's honest because adults usually let their "guard" down for a kid with a camera...ya know?? I have an idea for some of those buttons...I just got handmade Beginnings from Anna Marie Horner at the library...LUCKY, I know...and it has the cutest booties with buttons..also a sweet hooded jacket for babies/toddlers using buttons...ALSO...a sweet dress that has a quilt block "picture frame" that you could probably upsize for the girl...wish I could send it too you!! xo


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