Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kids clothes week!

i got my vintage sheets cut and mailed for the fat quarter swap - yay!  cannot wait for that envelope of loveliness coming my way!  the sheetrock guys are this close to being done, which means i am in paint chip heaven again.  whatever shall i choose?!  three rooms i get to decorate!

tonight, i am going to try to make a few things for the new kid.  i think we're going to name him sawyer daniel.  or as emma says, "soy yoy"!  figured i better get started, since the week is half over.   i bought a pack of onesies, and i'm gonna try appliqueing some stuff onto them.   like this cute tie from crap i've made.   i have some sponge bob fabric aj chose at walmart.  he wants me to make some shorts out of them.  so i guess i have to.  i always want to make stuff for emma, but she has so many clothes already!  i may make her a belt or some hair clips, just so she's represented.  zach - well, he's so excited to wear all of aj's hand me downs, he doesn't really care if he has something new.  gotta love being two. 

see you in an hour or two!  hope i have lots to share!

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