Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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i am having so much fun reading all of your name suggestions!  i have lots of boy names i like.  charles emery was my papa's name, and i love it.  also on my list are owen, spencer, grant, wade, slade, parker, porter, milo, and ethan orion.  troy doesn't like any of those.  he really likes cole and myles.  it's so hard to come up with names that aren't already being used by friends or family!  we both come from huge catholic families, so most names are well represented already.  anyways, thanks for all the ideas!  the giveaway is open until tomorrow evening, so tell a friend!  and, if i hit the magic number of 250 comments, i will draw a second name for a surprise gift!

back in my crafting world, i sewed up a bunch more crayon wallets for the booth.  plus three custom orders.  there is a sidewalk sale and craft fair this weekend in downtown ottawa, so if you're local, be sure to stop by!  i'm hoping to finish a few aprons and notebooks to put in there too.  one of these days i need to quilt my birdie blanket and make one for the new kid out of the love u charm pack i bought for him.

my mom is coming over to paint today, isn't that sweet of her?  so i may be able to show you pics of the new bathrooms soon!  and more importantly, get my washing machine back in the laundry room before the piles take over the house.

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Shona Cole said...

I vote for 'Cole' as that is my last name! :)

Well, you are the winner of my Sew mama sew giveaway! I have linked to your blog here -

if you send me your address via email I will send you your apron and wall hanging :)
shonacole at aol dot com


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