Thursday, May 6, 2010


good morning!  our youngest woke me extra early today.  i think he's starting to have dreams.   this morning, he was upset because (our cat) "mod ate his sandwich!"  three days ago, he was crying because "alex put his cheeseburger in the washing machine!"  maybe i should feed the kid some sandwiches before he goes to bed?  anyways, i'm tired but glad to be up and at 'em today.

i had a friend call me about helping with her son's superhero pool party later this summer.  she wants to make towel capes and felt masks for party favors.  can't you see some really great photos coming out of that party?  a bunch of 4 year olds running around in swim trunks, punching the air and karate kicking?  so last night, i found a few tutorials, and thought i'd share them with you in case your little superhero needs a cape of his own.  i know mine do.

first up, of course martha's done it.  but to be honest, i think i like this one by recovergirl better.  she was nice enough to email me how she did it.  i'm going to try it out, and i'll take some pics along the way and share the results.  then for the felt masks, you could use these templates by family fun.

and if you're in the mood to make a baby blanket this week, you should go check out the blanket tutorial roundup over at these magical years.  and guess what?  my blanket tutorial is on there!  yay!  lots of other great ideas too.  have fun looking!

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