Saturday, May 1, 2010


on my plate, right now.  i need to churn out two white tree skirts by monday at 4pm.  they are actually going to be used as may pole skirts, and i am making them from a white sheet.  nothing fancy, just something to cover the tire base of the poles we are using.  but still - i have to make them, sometime! 

i have a number of things cut out, ready to be stitched, like aprons and crayon wallets and notebooks for the booth, and even a top for me.  i must make myself do the tree skirts first, though.  i was thinking of ways to do them, like maybe cutting the circle into fourths, and using ribbons to tie the sections together?  that way i could use all colors of ribbons and it would be festive and fun.  i am a parent advisor to the school district's parents as teachers program, and we are hosting a 20th year celebration.  i have to be in front of a crowd, something i'm not looking forward to, which is unusual for me.  i usually adore a captive audience!  but i'm feeling shy these days.  so, i offered to decorate.  i still need to tie ribbons around a bazillion little bubble bottles too.

and next week, i am participating in elsie marley's kids clothes week.  this should be fun, i want to try appliqueing some onesies and tees.  i always meant to make some for my other two boys, but never did.  now i have an idea for a family photo shoot once the new kid arrives, with matchy shirts and stuff.  anyways.  never enough on my list, gotta always add more!

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