Thursday, May 13, 2010

strike one!

grr.  i knew i should practice this first, but you know me!  dive in and hope for the best.  looks like i better do some reading up on satin stitching on knits.  the bottom of the tie just snarled and puckered and is a big mess.  i used wonderunder on it.  should i also use a stabilizer behind?  what about a knit needle? i used a regular needle because i'm lazy - and because it's half regular fabric anyways, right?  there's some craftytammie logic.  anyways, i hope it won't be too bumpy and annoy the new kid.  at least not before i get a pic of him wearing it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, It looks good! I can't tell it puckered.
I don't know what wonderunder is...but I use double sidded iron on 'stuf' for this sort of thing.

Cricket said...

Hm. I know that a ball point needle won't tear the knit fabric - helps the needle slide between stitches. And I bet there's a knit stitch that would resemble satin stitch. Or maybe if you put fusing on the bottom of the applique and then put stablizer inside the shirt, cutting it away closely after you sew. All this coming from someone who has never actually tried it.


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