Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i am going to cry!  i just found out that my quilt blocks for the modern siggy swap didn't arrive.  the envelope did, and i guess the adhesive didn't hold.  the contents were gone.  101 quilt blocks gone.  and according to the USPS, that's too bad.  i should have bought insurance.  doesn't that seem crazy to you?  their job is to get it there, i paid them to do that job, but because i didn't elect to pay extra, i'm out of luck.

the blocks were even wrapped inside a ziploc, my name written on the outside, with a postcard with my name and address on it inside the package.  my name is written on each and every one of those blocks, with my town and state on it.  but they won't be able to get it back to me?  well, maybe they will.  we'll see.  i've talked to the local office and the 800 number.  but even if they do get it back to me, it's too late.  the swap deadline is the 1st.  so i will be getting back 101 quilt blocks with my name on them, yippee.  jaybird quilts said she would still send me the other people's blocks, but that doesn't feel right either.

lesson learned, i guess.  always tape shut your envelopes!  normally i do - but i had to get a SASE so i was closing everything up at the counter and didn't have any tape.  i usually do buy insurance or at least delivery confirmation, but this particular day we were headed out of town for our vacation, and my family was waiting in the van.  AND to top it off, i paid cash instead of using a card, so i don't even have a credit receipt.  what a disappointment.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

worn out

we just got back from a weekend family vacation!  it was so much fun - something i wasn't sure i'd be saying after traveling, 31 weeks pregnant, with a 5, 4, and 2 year old in the van for three hours.  but they did great! we went to wichita, which is where i grew up. my parents moved to kc while i was in college, so i really haven't been back since then.  we went to the zoo, and the exploration place, and i would recommend it as a weekend destination for anyone with kids.  there were several things we didn't get to do, like the quilt show that was going on, the wichita art museum, cowtown, botanica, the indian center, and tanganyika wildlife park.  the downtown area is really nice, and the best part for us?  nothing was crowded, and my friend gave me zoo and museum passes so we spent hardly any money!  we'll definitely go back again and see more of the sights.

anyways.  the real reason for our trip there was an invite to my cousin's twins' birthday party.  the girls are turning five, and they've been to our house several times, but we'd never been to visit them.  since i only see them once a year, i wasn't sure what to buy them for a gift, so i made it instead.  they are going to iowa for our family reunion on the 4th.  it's a long drive for them, and i made them a goodie bag to take along.

 the reversible bag pattern is from prudent baby, which is a wonderful site with lots of good stuff.  and the bags are super easy to make.

they did take me longer than an hour, though.  i'm not sure how much longer exactly, but i made my own bias tape and had to wind a bobbin and all that stuff, so maybe once you're all prepared it would be under an hour.  and they are a little too patriotic, but i think they will be fun for the girls to carry around at the lake.  i can't wait to make one for myself, i've been choosing fabrics in my head all afternoon.

inside is a bunch of knick knacky stuff, lip gloss, gum, coloring stuff and 4th of july poppers and necklaces, even some glow bracelets and flags to wave.  they seemed to like them, and i hope they make the trip a little easier for their mommy, who is taking them by herself.  happy birthday, baylee and alyssa!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

(not) joining in

i am really trying to contain myself.  there's only nineish weeks til baby day!  but there are also a lot of quilt alongs online, and i want to join them all!  i thought i'd share them here, in case any of you want to play along!  i'm being good so far.  no new projects until i finish my siggy squares and bee blocks.

crazy mom quilts quilt along #5
amy's creative side simple sampler quilt
selvage blog's  asterick quilt
i have to say's on the road to spring

i know there's more - i just don't have time right now to look for them.  i'll update as i come across them, mostly so i have them all in one spot.  but if you do join in, let me know so i can see what you're doing! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

dresden pillow

here's nana's quilt block, all sticthed up in a pillow!  it's very cheery.  it makes me happy.

another finished project

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i moved my sewing desk over in front of the window.  i love getting all the natural light and being able to see my bird feeders!  but moving it meant rearranging other stuff too.  so, under my cutting table were two laundry baskets of scraps and etc.  i found this forgotten bag i started for emma (really, tammie?  2008?!).  and i finally finished it.  it actually works out perfect for a leapster bag - remember the one i made aj?  if i was making it from scratch, i would have added the little pockets to hold the cartridges.  but this way, the bag is reversible!  she loves that part.

diaper pouch

so i saw this tutorial from noodlehead a week or two ago - and cut a couple out immediately. then, i couldn't find my velcro and didn't have any webbing.  so finally, i finished it!  i made this one for me, out of some katie jump rope fabric, for my brown leather diaper bag!  i'm glad i made mine first - because i did the strap wrong in the back.  i sewed it into the seam joining the lining and exterior, not sure why i did that!  so i had to sew it back against it's self to keep it from rolling.  if that makes any sense.

edited to add - i just reread the tute, and i did the strap right.  but to me, it seems strange to have it tug against itself.  so, on my next one, i think i may stitch the webbing to the back outer fabric, and then across it as i topstitch. i'll try to explain more clearly if i remember to take pics while doing it!

it made the strap a little shorter, and so size five diapers are a tight squeeze.  if i could get zach potty trained, it wouldn't matter.  anyways, i like the idea of being able to see if it has diapers in it, but my plastic wipes case doesn't fit inside.  no worries, they both fit in the pocket of my bag.

i have three more cut out.  two for baby gifts, one for the gift closet.  pics once i finish them!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

celebrate summer skirts!

let me introduce you to my newest crafty crush - have you met the gals over at crafterhours?  i don't know how i've missed them, but i've spent most of my morning already reading their awesome tutorials and planning lots of new projects!  and lookie - skirt week is right around the corner, june 21st-25th!

four categories, great prizes - i will be trying out their milkmaid skirt pattern for sure!  hopefully, i can get it done in time to enter it.  be sure to check out all their cool tutes, i'm going to revamp some tees with the side panel refashion!

easy peasy

another quick and easy spruce up! i've been carrying this sad little lion king case since aj was a baby, so at least 4 years. although i love that movie, i was tired of the free advertising for disney and huggies. i chose a dot print from my paper stash (oh yes, i have one of those, too) and modpodged it on. this was late last night, and this morning i can see i could have cut my pieces a little better. the real test will come after a week in my purse. i'll let you know how it holds up!

oh - and remember when i said the boys crashed early? the 2 year old was up, "cooking", in the middle of the night. he had the milk and carrots and yogurt out and was so proud of himself! and i am so tired :)
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

let it rain!

the boys were lulled to sleep early tonight by the storms, and troy went to bed as well.  so emma & i spent a little time upstairs sewing.  she sat by the trash can, snipping bits of fabric, and i was able to get a little bit of fun time. 

i made a modified bento box square, using the tute at film in the fridge, for a flickr swap i was thinking about joining.  my pic shows just one corner of the whole block.  it would be fun to get an assortment of these to use in notebooks and stuff, but i won't have time this month to make anymore.  so, it's going to sit and look pretty until i decide whether to make more for a quilt, or turn it into a pillow for em's room.  anyone know the name of the center block fabric?  it was a charm swap goodie, and i'd love to get more.

i also sewed some more siggy swap squares.  i used some of the same art gallery fabric, and i'm only about 1/4 of the way done so i need to keep at it!  the other two fabrics are from the sweet line by urban chiks, left over from my baby quilt.  silly, but now i wish this wasn't a signature swap and that the blocks were going to be left plain!  i can't wait to see all the blocks together.  and super glad i'm not the one sorting them all.

hmm, what else did i do.  oh, emma and i took the dresden plate quilt block nana gave me, and we added some blue striped chambray to the back and made a pillow out of it! i say we, because she wanted to sew something so bad, and i let her run the foot pedal while i steered.  it's in the wash right now - the muslin had some spots on it, and the colors may run.  i'm just going to stuff it with polyfil, and it will be cheerful in our bay window.  if i get a chance i'll snap a pic tomorrow.  i'm off to bed.  busy day tomorrow, we're going to the vet, the train museum, and rain permitting, a tball game! 

more pack rat vindication!

last year at my daughter's preschool rummage sale, i found this odd little box. i have no idea what it was made for - at the time i thought i would use it for crayons and attach it to their easel or something. what's the deal with the dowel sticking out the bottom, anyways? well. here we are, a year or two later, and i found it in a junk drawer(yes, i have more than one!)

miraculously, in the same junk drawer was this super powerful magnet. that magnet was in the big box o'yarn i was gifted, and of course i knew it would have a use - someday! a little super glue gel and i now have a pen cubby for my fridge! i had actually been using the blue plastic holder (that came with my bleach pen) to corral my pens - this is way cuter, trust me. isn't it great when something simple works out just right?
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are you a winner, baby?

you know how much i love giveaways!  and there are a bunch happening- right. now.  here's a grand list at jaybird quilts but the one i'm hoping to win most is the whimsy jelly roll from the quilt shoppe - go check it out at cluck cluck sew!

Monday, June 7, 2010

happy birthday wendy!

whew.  what a weekend!  we threw a surprise bash for my sister-in-law wendy's 40th birthday!  we smoked an entire hog and made lots of yummy food!  it was a great day, but today i'm feeling a little under the weather.  probably too much rich food and sunshine.  the balloon wreath drew lots of compliments, and made a fun decoration on the door.

that's wendy in the photo - some people think we look alike!
i tried a few new recipes for the day, and here they are!

lemonade cheese ball - i used a packet of pink lemonade and served it in a bowl with the new brown sugar/cinnamon ritz crackers on the side.  i think it would be yummy with teddy grahams too!  to make it less tart, use the presweetened mix or add powdered sugar.

corn dip - this is a fave at bunco, and everyone loved it here too.
2 cans corn, drained
1 small can chopped black olives
1 15 oz. can petite diced tomatoes - mine had sweet onion added, you could use rotel too.
1 jalepeno, diced fine(i used jarred peppers, add more or less as desired)
1 8 oz. brick cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup ranch dressing

mix it all together and serve with tortilla chips!

i also made this pasta salad, and absolutely loved it friday night.  unfortunately, the noodles absorbed all the dressing and it wasn't as tasty on saturday.  i tried to revive it with milk, but it sat, lonely, uneaten.  i will definitely make it again, but with some revisions.  serve it right away!  some of the reviews say it's best after 24 hours, but they lie!  ;)  it says to add a cup of sugar to dressing - it was plenty sweet without it so i'm glad i left it out!  it makes a lot of dressing, so i added another pound of pasta (which is probably why it was dry).  i also added frozen peas, 2 tbsp. honey mustard dressing and 1 c. shredded cheese.

this week is another busy one - the kids have three tball games and i am going to try to go to the kc modern quilt guild meeting on thursday.  i have a lot of sewing i'm need to get to (siggy swap, vintage bee blocks).  this is probably the last month i will have my booth - the little shop doesn't get much traffic, and i'm losing money each month because there is a $25 booth rental fee. i've had a few sales, which is neat, but it's also not as much fun as i had hoped - instead of making whatever i want, i am worrying about making something to sell.  and i have a new baby girl to sew for!  lily beth was born last friday, congrats amy & cody!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

birthday balloon wreath

i saw this over at how does she and had to make one!  i've had a straw wreath (49 cents at a thrift store!) hiding under my cutting table, waiting for the right project, and this was definitely it.  it wasn't as cheap a craft as i originally thought it would be -  2 packs of balloons at $4.50 each and 2 packs of pins at $1.17 each at walmart (although i did find a pack of assorted balloons at dollar tree today, so i could have done it for less) but it is a fantastic decoration for birthdays year round!  the hardest part was keeping my kids from taking all the balloons while i pinned them on!  i'll let you know how it holds up in storage, i'm a little worried about the balloons going all sticky or crunchy on me.

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