Tuesday, June 1, 2010

birthday balloon wreath

i saw this over at how does she and had to make one!  i've had a straw wreath (49 cents at a thrift store!) hiding under my cutting table, waiting for the right project, and this was definitely it.  it wasn't as cheap a craft as i originally thought it would be -  2 packs of balloons at $4.50 each and 2 packs of pins at $1.17 each at walmart (although i did find a pack of assorted balloons at dollar tree today, so i could have done it for less) but it is a fantastic decoration for birthdays year round!  the hardest part was keeping my kids from taking all the balloons while i pinned them on!  i'll let you know how it holds up in storage, i'm a little worried about the balloons going all sticky or crunchy on me.

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The Gosfam said...

That is a cute idea--it looks GREAT!! Who knew balloons were so much :)

Missy said...

Yours turned out so GREAT! I have had my wreath for about 4 years and the balloons have cracked, but you can't tell unless you look closely. Thanks for the link back!


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