Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i am going to cry!  i just found out that my quilt blocks for the modern siggy swap didn't arrive.  the envelope did, and i guess the adhesive didn't hold.  the contents were gone.  101 quilt blocks gone.  and according to the USPS, that's too bad.  i should have bought insurance.  doesn't that seem crazy to you?  their job is to get it there, i paid them to do that job, but because i didn't elect to pay extra, i'm out of luck.

the blocks were even wrapped inside a ziploc, my name written on the outside, with a postcard with my name and address on it inside the package.  my name is written on each and every one of those blocks, with my town and state on it.  but they won't be able to get it back to me?  well, maybe they will.  we'll see.  i've talked to the local office and the 800 number.  but even if they do get it back to me, it's too late.  the swap deadline is the 1st.  so i will be getting back 101 quilt blocks with my name on them, yippee.  jaybird quilts said she would still send me the other people's blocks, but that doesn't feel right either.

lesson learned, i guess.  always tape shut your envelopes!  normally i do - but i had to get a SASE so i was closing everything up at the counter and didn't have any tape.  i usually do buy insurance or at least delivery confirmation, but this particular day we were headed out of town for our vacation, and my family was waiting in the van.  AND to top it off, i paid cash instead of using a card, so i don't even have a credit receipt.  what a disappointment.

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Candice @ Made With Love said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your quilt blocks! I'll be praying and wishing that something good comes out of your loss!


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