Monday, June 14, 2010

diaper pouch

so i saw this tutorial from noodlehead a week or two ago - and cut a couple out immediately. then, i couldn't find my velcro and didn't have any webbing.  so finally, i finished it!  i made this one for me, out of some katie jump rope fabric, for my brown leather diaper bag!  i'm glad i made mine first - because i did the strap wrong in the back.  i sewed it into the seam joining the lining and exterior, not sure why i did that!  so i had to sew it back against it's self to keep it from rolling.  if that makes any sense.

edited to add - i just reread the tute, and i did the strap right.  but to me, it seems strange to have it tug against itself.  so, on my next one, i think i may stitch the webbing to the back outer fabric, and then across it as i topstitch. i'll try to explain more clearly if i remember to take pics while doing it!

it made the strap a little shorter, and so size five diapers are a tight squeeze.  if i could get zach potty trained, it wouldn't matter.  anyways, i like the idea of being able to see if it has diapers in it, but my plastic wipes case doesn't fit inside.  no worries, they both fit in the pocket of my bag.

i have three more cut out.  two for baby gifts, one for the gift closet.  pics once i finish them!
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