Monday, June 7, 2010

happy birthday wendy!

whew.  what a weekend!  we threw a surprise bash for my sister-in-law wendy's 40th birthday!  we smoked an entire hog and made lots of yummy food!  it was a great day, but today i'm feeling a little under the weather.  probably too much rich food and sunshine.  the balloon wreath drew lots of compliments, and made a fun decoration on the door.

that's wendy in the photo - some people think we look alike!
i tried a few new recipes for the day, and here they are!

lemonade cheese ball - i used a packet of pink lemonade and served it in a bowl with the new brown sugar/cinnamon ritz crackers on the side.  i think it would be yummy with teddy grahams too!  to make it less tart, use the presweetened mix or add powdered sugar.

corn dip - this is a fave at bunco, and everyone loved it here too.
2 cans corn, drained
1 small can chopped black olives
1 15 oz. can petite diced tomatoes - mine had sweet onion added, you could use rotel too.
1 jalepeno, diced fine(i used jarred peppers, add more or less as desired)
1 8 oz. brick cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup ranch dressing

mix it all together and serve with tortilla chips!

i also made this pasta salad, and absolutely loved it friday night.  unfortunately, the noodles absorbed all the dressing and it wasn't as tasty on saturday.  i tried to revive it with milk, but it sat, lonely, uneaten.  i will definitely make it again, but with some revisions.  serve it right away!  some of the reviews say it's best after 24 hours, but they lie!  ;)  it says to add a cup of sugar to dressing - it was plenty sweet without it so i'm glad i left it out!  it makes a lot of dressing, so i added another pound of pasta (which is probably why it was dry).  i also added frozen peas, 2 tbsp. honey mustard dressing and 1 c. shredded cheese.

this week is another busy one - the kids have three tball games and i am going to try to go to the kc modern quilt guild meeting on thursday.  i have a lot of sewing i'm need to get to (siggy swap, vintage bee blocks).  this is probably the last month i will have my booth - the little shop doesn't get much traffic, and i'm losing money each month because there is a $25 booth rental fee. i've had a few sales, which is neat, but it's also not as much fun as i had hoped - instead of making whatever i want, i am worrying about making something to sell.  and i have a new baby girl to sew for!  lily beth was born last friday, congrats amy & cody!

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