Tuesday, June 8, 2010

let it rain!

the boys were lulled to sleep early tonight by the storms, and troy went to bed as well.  so emma & i spent a little time upstairs sewing.  she sat by the trash can, snipping bits of fabric, and i was able to get a little bit of fun time. 

i made a modified bento box square, using the tute at film in the fridge, for a flickr swap i was thinking about joining.  my pic shows just one corner of the whole block.  it would be fun to get an assortment of these to use in notebooks and stuff, but i won't have time this month to make anymore.  so, it's going to sit and look pretty until i decide whether to make more for a quilt, or turn it into a pillow for em's room.  anyone know the name of the center block fabric?  it was a charm swap goodie, and i'd love to get more.

i also sewed some more siggy swap squares.  i used some of the same art gallery fabric, and i'm only about 1/4 of the way done so i need to keep at it!  the other two fabrics are from the sweet line by urban chiks, left over from my baby quilt.  silly, but now i wish this wasn't a signature swap and that the blocks were going to be left plain!  i can't wait to see all the blocks together.  and super glad i'm not the one sorting them all.

hmm, what else did i do.  oh, emma and i took the dresden plate quilt block nana gave me, and we added some blue striped chambray to the back and made a pillow out of it! i say we, because she wanted to sew something so bad, and i let her run the foot pedal while i steered.  it's in the wash right now - the muslin had some spots on it, and the colors may run.  i'm just going to stuff it with polyfil, and it will be cheerful in our bay window.  if i get a chance i'll snap a pic tomorrow.  i'm off to bed.  busy day tomorrow, we're going to the vet, the train museum, and rain permitting, a tball game! 


Duff said...

f.y.i. on the mod bento block swap

you already have one block done. You can turn in as many or as few as you like and receive the same number in return. Send in three of the 4 parts you have and you'll have enough for a small pillow.

Duff said...

but I hope you'll keep going...


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