Tuesday, June 8, 2010

more pack rat vindication!

last year at my daughter's preschool rummage sale, i found this odd little box. i have no idea what it was made for - at the time i thought i would use it for crayons and attach it to their easel or something. what's the deal with the dowel sticking out the bottom, anyways? well. here we are, a year or two later, and i found it in a junk drawer(yes, i have more than one!)

miraculously, in the same junk drawer was this super powerful magnet. that magnet was in the big box o'yarn i was gifted, and of course i knew it would have a use - someday! a little super glue gel and i now have a pen cubby for my fridge! i had actually been using the blue plastic holder (that came with my bleach pen) to corral my pens - this is way cuter, trust me. isn't it great when something simple works out just right?
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