Sunday, June 27, 2010

worn out

we just got back from a weekend family vacation!  it was so much fun - something i wasn't sure i'd be saying after traveling, 31 weeks pregnant, with a 5, 4, and 2 year old in the van for three hours.  but they did great! we went to wichita, which is where i grew up. my parents moved to kc while i was in college, so i really haven't been back since then.  we went to the zoo, and the exploration place, and i would recommend it as a weekend destination for anyone with kids.  there were several things we didn't get to do, like the quilt show that was going on, the wichita art museum, cowtown, botanica, the indian center, and tanganyika wildlife park.  the downtown area is really nice, and the best part for us?  nothing was crowded, and my friend gave me zoo and museum passes so we spent hardly any money!  we'll definitely go back again and see more of the sights.

anyways.  the real reason for our trip there was an invite to my cousin's twins' birthday party.  the girls are turning five, and they've been to our house several times, but we'd never been to visit them.  since i only see them once a year, i wasn't sure what to buy them for a gift, so i made it instead.  they are going to iowa for our family reunion on the 4th.  it's a long drive for them, and i made them a goodie bag to take along.

 the reversible bag pattern is from prudent baby, which is a wonderful site with lots of good stuff.  and the bags are super easy to make.

they did take me longer than an hour, though.  i'm not sure how much longer exactly, but i made my own bias tape and had to wind a bobbin and all that stuff, so maybe once you're all prepared it would be under an hour.  and they are a little too patriotic, but i think they will be fun for the girls to carry around at the lake.  i can't wait to make one for myself, i've been choosing fabrics in my head all afternoon.

inside is a bunch of knick knacky stuff, lip gloss, gum, coloring stuff and 4th of july poppers and necklaces, even some glow bracelets and flags to wave.  they seemed to like them, and i hope they make the trip a little easier for their mommy, who is taking them by herself.  happy birthday, baylee and alyssa!

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