Saturday, July 31, 2010

lil' wormie

troy was on nights last week, so i was able to get a little more crafting done in the evenings.  last night, i made this cute little guy for the new kid!  i printed the pattern off back in, umm, MAY! and finally got around to putting it together.  which, by the way, took almost no time.  and he makes me smile.  so, win win! 

he's got a dorito bag inside, as well as a piece of batting.  i grabbed some scraps off the cutting table for the eyes, mouth and antennae - skipped the legs because i was lazy.   i am also thinking i need to make a onesie applique to match - how cute would that be?!  maybe tonight after the kids go to bed...

and i just read that disney won't be posting on her blog anymore, but you should still go check her out.  she's a very crafty gal.

i've also been making bows and flowers like crazy.  it's my way of using up every last little piece of fabric, i cannot seem to throw anything away.  which is why my sewing room is such a disaster.  so i've been chopping every scrap into squares to make flowers with.  i keep a little box of them, along with my needle and thread, and whip them up while i watch movies with the kids or during quiet time.  i ran out of hair clips, and my new ones just came today, so me and the glue gun have a date in the near future!  and i've re-discovered i really enjoy hand sewing.  i used to do some cross stitch, and maybe i need to get my hoop out again.

Friday, July 30, 2010

the winner...

so i'm a few hours late!  i forgot about my doctor's appointment at 11:30 this morning, so i am just now getting home from lawrence.  anyways, i used to draw a winner!

number 4 would be candace!  she's been following my blog for awhile now, i think, and i have been following her too!  she recently started a new business, squirmy worm studio.

i'm in love with the names she's come up with, and if anyone is looking for a gift idea for baby #4, you can't go wrong with the squirmy worm set in robots!  ;)

so congratulations and happy shopping!  and thanks to everyone else who entered!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

i-spy a new obsession

i've been itching to make an i-spy quilt and here's why. you have to go see some of the amazing projects at obsessively stitching's I-SPY flickr pool!

if, like me, you can't wait to make your own, hurry over to so simply stephanie and a trio of boys. they are each hosting an i-spy swap but sign ups are limited! so go tell them you want in before it's too late.

speaking of too late - tomorrow is the last day to sign up for my giveaway!!  

new camera = new case

hmm.  maybe i should have made a pattern first?  this was a "throw it together super fast because i can't sleep and i found a scrap that was perfect" kind of project.  i was actually supposed to be cutting up pieces for ornaments to sell at the craft show!

but, most importantly, my *new* panasonic lumix has a padded case to help protect it in my purse.  after my nikon's screen got smashed, i thought that would be a good idea.  and i really like my new camera, it takes much better pictures than the coolpix i had, and i haven't even read the manual yet.  i should make another case for my apex video camera, it fits in this but just barely. 

so next time, i will think it through a little better!  i need to figure out how to sew the flap part first, then the case itself.  the binding is bulky and messy.  it has cotton batting on each side, i may experiment with something firmer for even more protection.  am i reinventing the wheel?  if you know a good camera case tute out there in blogland, leave me a comment - the way i work, i won't get back to this project for a year or two...

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i ♥ katie jump rope

the 2 older kids had swim lessons last week, so each day i had a half hour to explore garnett, ks.  which is actually plenty of time, it's small!  we hit the arc thrift shop, and the country fabrics shop.  i found a pretty vintage sheet with lace trim to make pjs out of, and the fabric shop has a few designer prints from amy butler's lotus line, kaffe fassett florals, and denyse schmidt's katie jump rope line.  mostly country calicos and thimbleberries though.  all $4.99 a yard.  and all soon to be 20% off for their anniversary sale in august!  i may have to make a trip back to buy a few yards.  anyone else want some katie jump rope?  here's what they had:

floral in orange or brown

brown floral

or at my other local shop, she has these two prints for $4.99 a yard.

brown dot stripe

geometric print

let me know, i'd be happy to arrange something!  there's also a bolt of AMH's chocolate lollipop

in the kitchen, i've been trying to make stuff with all the goodies from my dad's garden.  so i made freezer bread & butter pickles, cole slaw, blackberry dump cake.  also, freezing corn on the cob and tomatoes, and i was meaning to make pepper jelly but my peppers are looking sad.  i also made some monkey banana jam with a pile of bananas that were 19 cents a pound.  it's pretty good but i think it'd be better with bananas less ripe.  it's got that overripe taste to it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

giveaway alert!

there's a super cute giveaway going on over at happy doodle land, with three prizes!  hurry hurry though, the deadline is noon today!  i just found out about it, sorry for the short notice :)

also, don't forget to enter my giveaway!  you have 'til friday at noon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

behold, blocks

thanks so much to jaybird quilts and all the other participants for including me in the modern siggy swap, even though my blocks disappeared on their journey.  the package arrived the other day and it was fun to read where all the blocks came from. now i have to decide how i want to use them, i'm leaning towards this, maybe with a sashing?

i also ran upstairs and braved the heat of my sewing room long enough to make my two blocks for bee vintage.  i think her finished quilt is going to be so charming!  the star pattern directions are from oh, fransson!  and we are making 8 inch blocks.

here's another quilt i'm anxious to try - the road trip quilt over at cluck, cluck, sew!  i actually think i'm going to make one from my vintage floral sheets, i think it will be so soft and sweet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

who wants to go shopping?

i've been a little slow in the making department lately - i should be back in the saddle soon, but meanwhile - time for a giveaway!!

i was contacted by CSN Stores and they have generously offered up a $40 gift certificate for one of my readers!  they have over 200 online stores to choose from, so whether you're looking for lights, bedding, or even toys, they have tons to choose from!

here's a few ideas of what i would spend the money on:

adorable pillows

or how about this hedgie for a fun pin holder?  he'd be so cute in my sewing room!

or maybe even this cool toy!  i want to play with it, so i know my kids would love it!

yep, lots of cool unique things to pick from.  so to enter, just leave me a comment and tell me what you think you'd buy with the $40 gift certificate.  you can also put it towards a larger purchase.  make sure i have a way to contact you if you're the lucky winner!!  CSN will ship the gift certificate direct to you after i give them your info.  i will draw a winner randomly around noon on friday july 30th - unless i'm in the hospital giving birth!  good luck, and happy shopping!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a girl could get used to this

troy has the kids at his uncle's pond practicing swimming, and i have the place to myself.  so i finished painting our mudroom.  when we added it on two years ago, i was pregnant with zach and had no energy.  the paint was some left over from the living room and it worked at the time   but it was too pale for a room with heavy traffic and a dog that goes swimming and waits to shake off until he's inside.  ahem.  so dirt color it is!  "cottage stone" to be exact.  i love the pops of turquoise and red, but i know troy will be hard to convince. he's not big on brights! 

still pregnant - i have a sono friday to see where my baby at.  i hope he comes out soon, i am so afraid i will miss emma's first day of kindergarten!

that's all for now.  our laptop keyboard is broken and skipping these letters - zxcvm,. and enter.  which makes typing a pain.  i have to use the on-screen keyboard and fill in the missing letters.  grr.  so don't worry if i'm absent for a week or two!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

adventures at the fair

we had so much fun last night!  that's my handsome husband trying to hit the bullseye so he could dunk our neighbor kirby - she babysits for us and the kids adore her.  emma won first in the girl's tennis ball throw, and alex took second in the boy's.  we had lemonade and kettle corn, and saw all the farm animals.  the frog jumping contest ended tragically for us, since our frog got loose as i put him in the box, and hopped away.  when i turned to try to catch him, he took a last second leap and landed right where my foot was coming down.  yes, i stepped on him.  i was horrified.  the kids cried.  parenting fail # 548.

but!  i did bring home the blue!

recognize those baby blankets?  i'm getting lots of mileage out of them , since i can't use them for baby #4.

and finally, second and first in the novelty items, knit.

did i mention, i was the only entry in most of those categories?  does it still count?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

wish me luck!

today's the day!  we're off to enter some of my stuff in the richmond free fair.  it's the 86th annual fair, don't you know?  tomorrow the kids get to do the frog and turtle race, and then on saturday it's the adult's turn.  a guy we know owns the bar in town, and he's sponsoring the turtle race.  what a (long) fun day that would be, sitting around, drinking some cold brews, rooting for your turtle! 

i am entering my cinnamon crackle cookies, two of my baby blankets, a buttercup bag and crayon wallet (in the novelty items, sewn category), a handknit scarf, and a knit baby hat i made for baby #4.  there's no big prizes or anything, it's just one of those things i've always wanted to do.  and i'm hoping to get my name out locally as someone who does this sort of holly homemaker stuff.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

love u

here's the cute quilt i made for baby #4 (sawyer?  silas?)

the backing fabric - now i wish i would have chosen the sweet little owls - but i do like all the patterns in the snail shells.  the prints are love u by deb strain for moda, the white is kona cotton, and the blue = ??.

look at the bump! :)  i did the sashing in some bright blue chambray from the stash, just to make the quilt a little bigger.  i really like my wonky stitches along the edges, but how do you get around the little glitch in the bottom left, where i backstitched at the beginning and end?  see, right there by my thumb?  i like the contrasting stitching, but i don't like that.

i still need to trim the edges and put on a binding.  i debated just using the backing material and folding it over to make the binding.  i don't know if that's a good idea or not - but it would be easier, and there's plenty of fabric to do it.  is that acceptable on a quilt?  any reasons why you wouldn't want to?  the binding i was going to use is a blue and white ticking.

one last photo to share - this is a top i started a few years ago and finished up recently.  it was one of those forgotten projects,  that just needed hemmed.  well, it also needs that gather/pucker fixed there by my boob, but i'm too lazy to fix that right now.  it's super lightweight and perfect for the hot weather.  it has two side slits, which i'm not crazy about, but they accommodate my belly nicely so for now they stay.

only 50 days to go!  better get the binding done!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

happy 4th!

so.  i decided to close my booth in the fabric shop in town.  it was costing $25 a month, and i've only broke even one month so far. plus, every time i went in there, i spent more money on fabrics!   i did sell a few things last month, but only about $19 worth.  with the new baby coming, and my lack of energy, i thought it was silly to keep it open.  i may try again next year.  the good news is that i have a few things made i can list in my etsy this weekend.  i love the new etsy tab on facebook too!  that way all my "fans" can see when i've listed something new!

our local fair is next weekend, and i think i am going to enter my sweetie baby quilt in the machine quilted category.  i've never entered anything in a fair - i may be way out of my league!  there's also some other sewing/craft categories, and i'm hoping i can get a pie done to turn in for judging on thursday. the kids are super excited to participate in the frog jumping race, and the turtle race, and all the other fun stuff for kids they have going on.  let's hope for great weather!

this afternoon my darling husband took all three kids to a fish fry, so i could have some time to relax.  and so i pickled some green beans from my daddy's garden, and made a quilt top for baby #4.  what?  that's not relaxing?  i even took a shower!  by myself!  without someone waiting outside the curtain for me, chattering away!  it was decadent.  now i am trying to talk myself into doing some cleaning, but why ruin a great afternoon.  maybe a nap instead.

more about the quilt top.  it's love u by deb strain for moda.  i bought a charm pack and 1 yard of snail fabric, and had every intention of using oh, fransson's tute for sewmamsew.  but the charm pack had 13 prints that were very girly, and so not suitable for my little man.  so i did the same old patchwork i've done the last three times.  this time, though, i think i will add some sashing.  i have 4 charms left, all dots, and some yellow kona.  maybe i can do a patchwork sashing, alternating yellow and white blocks, with dots in the corners?  i need to poke around my piles and see what i have for binding.  and come up with a cute idea for using those 13 pink blocks.


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