Saturday, July 10, 2010

adventures at the fair

we had so much fun last night!  that's my handsome husband trying to hit the bullseye so he could dunk our neighbor kirby - she babysits for us and the kids adore her.  emma won first in the girl's tennis ball throw, and alex took second in the boy's.  we had lemonade and kettle corn, and saw all the farm animals.  the frog jumping contest ended tragically for us, since our frog got loose as i put him in the box, and hopped away.  when i turned to try to catch him, he took a last second leap and landed right where my foot was coming down.  yes, i stepped on him.  i was horrified.  the kids cried.  parenting fail # 548.

but!  i did bring home the blue!

recognize those baby blankets?  i'm getting lots of mileage out of them , since i can't use them for baby #4.

and finally, second and first in the novelty items, knit.

did i mention, i was the only entry in most of those categories?  does it still count?


Lauranie said...

You're darn tootin' it does!!!! Congratulations!! :D So sorry to be soooo absent lately..just haven't been home hardly ANY this summer, and when I am..I want to do NOTHING!!! :( Anyway....less than 9 weeks??!! Wow...where has the time gone?? You've got to be soooo ready for the little one! LOVE his adorable! And...UGH!!! the quilt blocks...gone??!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you to get them back..all of that work!! Just making it to the POST OFFICE would have done me in..let alone the cutting and sorting and labling!! And lastly, see I'm being lazy and combining posts/comments again, I LOVE those little bags you gave the girls for bday presents..I might have a looksee at that link..whenever I get motivated enough to actually start sewing again!!

tammiemarie said...

Lauranie! I've missed you! I have been feeling lazy too. The USPS is on my shit list. I don't blame them for the lost blocks but they have yet to respond to my calls or emails. grr. those bags are super easy - i've made another and have plans for more! i'll be absent a lot in the next week or two - but be sure to check back soon to meet the new kid!


So sorry for your frog! I did that once to my kids cat, was sad! Hope you are recovered from your the fair, it's a hot one right now!


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