Sunday, July 18, 2010

a girl could get used to this

troy has the kids at his uncle's pond practicing swimming, and i have the place to myself.  so i finished painting our mudroom.  when we added it on two years ago, i was pregnant with zach and had no energy.  the paint was some left over from the living room and it worked at the time   but it was too pale for a room with heavy traffic and a dog that goes swimming and waits to shake off until he's inside.  ahem.  so dirt color it is!  "cottage stone" to be exact.  i love the pops of turquoise and red, but i know troy will be hard to convince. he's not big on brights! 

still pregnant - i have a sono friday to see where my baby at.  i hope he comes out soon, i am so afraid i will miss emma's first day of kindergarten!

that's all for now.  our laptop keyboard is broken and skipping these letters - zxcvm,. and enter.  which makes typing a pain.  i have to use the on-screen keyboard and fill in the missing letters.  grr.  so don't worry if i'm absent for a week or two!

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Lauranie said...

oooh..I HATE the waiting!! It is just sooo hard!! I was tired...BIG...ready to meet our new knees and ankles hurt from carrying the weight...did I mention BIG!!! Our school starts the second week of Aug. Hopefully he will make an appearance before then!! I LOVE the colors..I think it is just enough and not too bright!! :D


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