Saturday, July 3, 2010

happy 4th!

so.  i decided to close my booth in the fabric shop in town.  it was costing $25 a month, and i've only broke even one month so far. plus, every time i went in there, i spent more money on fabrics!   i did sell a few things last month, but only about $19 worth.  with the new baby coming, and my lack of energy, i thought it was silly to keep it open.  i may try again next year.  the good news is that i have a few things made i can list in my etsy this weekend.  i love the new etsy tab on facebook too!  that way all my "fans" can see when i've listed something new!

our local fair is next weekend, and i think i am going to enter my sweetie baby quilt in the machine quilted category.  i've never entered anything in a fair - i may be way out of my league!  there's also some other sewing/craft categories, and i'm hoping i can get a pie done to turn in for judging on thursday. the kids are super excited to participate in the frog jumping race, and the turtle race, and all the other fun stuff for kids they have going on.  let's hope for great weather!

this afternoon my darling husband took all three kids to a fish fry, so i could have some time to relax.  and so i pickled some green beans from my daddy's garden, and made a quilt top for baby #4.  what?  that's not relaxing?  i even took a shower!  by myself!  without someone waiting outside the curtain for me, chattering away!  it was decadent.  now i am trying to talk myself into doing some cleaning, but why ruin a great afternoon.  maybe a nap instead.

more about the quilt top.  it's love u by deb strain for moda.  i bought a charm pack and 1 yard of snail fabric, and had every intention of using oh, fransson's tute for sewmamsew.  but the charm pack had 13 prints that were very girly, and so not suitable for my little man.  so i did the same old patchwork i've done the last three times.  this time, though, i think i will add some sashing.  i have 4 charms left, all dots, and some yellow kona.  maybe i can do a patchwork sashing, alternating yellow and white blocks, with dots in the corners?  i need to poke around my piles and see what i have for binding.  and come up with a cute idea for using those 13 pink blocks.

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