Thursday, July 29, 2010

new camera = new case

hmm.  maybe i should have made a pattern first?  this was a "throw it together super fast because i can't sleep and i found a scrap that was perfect" kind of project.  i was actually supposed to be cutting up pieces for ornaments to sell at the craft show!

but, most importantly, my *new* panasonic lumix has a padded case to help protect it in my purse.  after my nikon's screen got smashed, i thought that would be a good idea.  and i really like my new camera, it takes much better pictures than the coolpix i had, and i haven't even read the manual yet.  i should make another case for my apex video camera, it fits in this but just barely. 

so next time, i will think it through a little better!  i need to figure out how to sew the flap part first, then the case itself.  the binding is bulky and messy.  it has cotton batting on each side, i may experiment with something firmer for even more protection.  am i reinventing the wheel?  if you know a good camera case tute out there in blogland, leave me a comment - the way i work, i won't get back to this project for a year or two...

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Lauranie said...

I LOVE the fabrics. I did one a LONG time ago..probably got a tutorial from SMS. No binding, I think I just sewed right sides, turned then topstitched...sorry, not much help!! Great job though!! ;D


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