Wednesday, August 25, 2010


can i say how much fun i'm having this week?  i loved being pregnant, but it is limiting in terms of what you can get done.  my flowerbeds were overtaken with grass and weeds, and the weather has cooled off a bit, so i tackled them yesterday.  i am hoping to pick up a few mums to plant this weekend.  only one of mine came back from last year.  i had hoped to spend my afternoons sewing this week, but we are refinancing the house (super low rates!!!) and they are doing an appraisal next week.  so i will be cleaning and decluttering all week instead.

i did get started on my quilts for kids project though.  so fast and easy.  i may go ahead and finish it up, just so nothing gets misplaced in the cleaning frenzy.  i also made a pair of lounge pants for the boys to fight over, and a dress for emma.  three more washcloths were knit last week too.  pics to come, maybe after school today.

i  made cinnamon apples for dessert last night - why i don't make them more often, i'm not sure.  it's so simple - cook 4 sliced granny apples in 1 Tb. butter and 2 Tb. water with 1/2 c. brown sugar and some cinnamon and nutmeg.  takes about 8 minutes, and tastes so delish with vanilla ice cream.  or vanilla yogurt for breakfast.  or straight out of the pan while no one is looking.

finally, here's chunky butt in his tie onesie (tute at crap i've made).  my daughter laughed when she saw him, and said "he has a man shirt on!"  we had a weight check on monday - he's gained a full pound since we left the hospital last wednesday!!!


Shana said...

Aww, what a cute pic! And aren't those pants the best thing since sliced bread?? I loved those when Blaze was a baby.

SarahB said...

A big congratulations on your precious new arrival! He's so cute!

I found your blog from your nice comment on my little strippy skirt tutorial at Moda Bake Shop! :)


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