Monday, August 2, 2010

c'mon kid!

no baby yet. grumble. i have been tidying and trying to get my ducks in a row. i have some issues with anxiety and PPD, so it makes sense to eliminate chaos before giving birth!

i finished cutting my i-spy swap blocks for so simply stephanie, and will mail them later today.  i need to cut my squares for the 2nd swap i joined. i may need to go shopping for one or two more, but i didn't realize what a stash i had already! that's a good thing, i think? as long as i share?  i don't want to duplicate because i know i'm not the only one doing both swaps.

here's what i'm sending to stephanie.  the red/yellow print on the right is a mary englebreit compass print.  there's some heather ross frogs and turtles on the left, love!  i bought the cow print years ago, and it's still a fave of mine.  a little of my coveted handwriting print, and the others i'm sort of "eh" about.  but variety is good in an i-spy quilt, and i think it's a good mix of girly/manly prints.

i worked on my august hexagon blocks for bee vintage.  i have one cut, ready to be sewn.  choosing fabrics for the 2nd was frustrating me, so i decided to come back to it later and sew them up.  i'd love to get that sent off as well.

i'm mailing my application for this fall's craft show.  it's a juried show, but i think i will get a spot.  now my only dilemna is that my parents will be out of town that weekend, and i was counting on them to keep the older kids!  i've got SOS emails out to a few friends and family, but so far no one has stepped forth to save the day.  i have until november, so i'm sure i can come up with somebody.  and of course, there's always my husband.  but i was sort of hoping he could help me that day.  9-4 is a long time to sit at a booth by yourself, and i will probably still be nursing the new kid.

saturday i kept busy in the kitchen, canning jalepeno jelly and also made two berry freezer jam.  and i remembered why i only can once a year or so.  but the payoff is so yummy!

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