Wednesday, September 29, 2010

time to party!

so we've decided on a carnival theme for our october birthday party.  we celebrate all the extended family birthdays every month in one event, so this month, there are three kids and two adults being honored.  ahem, i may or may not be one of them.  anyways, we are hosting it at our place and are planning tons of fun activities!

like pumpkin painting and bobbing for apples.

i'd also love to make a photo board, but i am not sure if my artistic ability and time allowance will make that a reality!  we'll probably do a bean bag toss and a pinata.  i have a lot to do - if you know any great carnival themed ideas, please share!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

on down the list...

so the planets aligned and i was able to complete an entire project yesterday, while keeping an eye on all four of our children without the mr.  it was so awesome.  they behaved amazingly, the baby was content all day long, and many lincoln log buildings were created.

and i created this little gem.

it's a scrappy mug rug for the flickr swap.  i changed my mind about the flying geese.  not because i didn't love them, but i think this sounds more like my partners style.  i hope! 

 i left the back plain, so she can play with it if she likes.  she's very talented and uses a variety of arty techniques in her work, so this gives her a blank canvas.  i will share more after she gets her package, i don't want to give away who she is yet!

on the agenda next is a lot of cutting for fabric swaps, and quilting my charity quilt.  i am woefully behind on sending it back, so it's top priority.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

my new toy

a little while ago i mentioned an upcoming review for csn stores.  they offered me a $45 credit towards any product in one of their stores!

of course i sold out jumped at the chance to try something out - for freeeeeee? (bedtime stories, anyone?)

i chose an oster immersion blender - something that was on my wish list for christmas this year.  what is an immersion blender?  well, basically it's a blender on a stick.  it allows you to whirl soups and stuff into smoothness without the hassle of pouring them in batches into your blender.  also, i really suck at pouring it in my blender without making a giant mess.  so this solves that problem for me!


i admit, it's not something i need on a regular basis, which is why i didn't already have one.  what made me choose this particular hand blender vs. the cuisinart was the extra attachments.  i love the chopping one, i've already used it to dice up some onion for potato soup.  it did a good job of chopping them up, and the container is the right size for small jobs.  it also has a lid, which doubles as a skid proof base.  also, the motor is a powerful 250 watts, vs. the 200 watts of the comparable cuisinart.

there is also a blending/measuring cup that looks like the right size for individual smoothies.  yum!  i haven't tried that yet, because if i'm making them, i need at least 3 servings to feed the little mouths too.

so thanks, csn, for the new toy!  i love it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

getting there is half the fun

after a gentle reminder from my swap mama, i finally posted a pic in the scrappy mug rug photo pool.  there are some really cool little quilts in there!  here's a peek at mine:

i'm planning to stitch it up and bind it with the pale pink floral.  i love the colors together - the fabrics are some kaffe fassett florals i picked up with the intentions of making a baby girl quilt. except for that pink scroll, it's a scrap and i don't know who made it.  love it though.  i'm afraid it may be a bit too dreary or dark for my partner, so i am waiting to see if she comments on it before i commit it for her.  i think this would look cool in brighter colors with the gray too.

every time i do paper piecing, i fall more in love with it.  but it's hard for me to relax over what feels like "wasting" fabric.  so i think it will remain a small project technique for me.

i have still been faithful to my september stashbusting promise - in that i am trying to bust out all the projects i had stashed, unfinished, in my room.  here's a few more things i finished this week.

more ponytail ties for craft show

is there anything easier than fabric covered buttons?  snip, snap, and slip a hair band (the ponytail variety) through the loop.  tada!  button hair ties!  and the scarves are just as simple.  if they don't sell at the show they will make great stocking stuffers for my 5 nieces!

i made these dragonflies about 5 years ago!


Monday, September 20, 2010

hey there!

i'm still here.  promise.  working furiously on whatever i can while the baby sleeps.  bribing the older kids with crackers and hot wheels.

getting creative with the tooth fairy's first visit to our house!

more on that tooth pillow pocket soon.  :)

dealing with a horrific problem - fleas!!  in our house!!  gah!  we have three cats and a dog.  all in & outdoor pets.  we've been lucky that ticks weren't as bad this year, but now i am completely creeped out by these little bugs.  we got behind on our frontline treatments - trust me, that will never happen again.  so now, loads and loads of laundry and steam cleaning the carpets tonight.  anyone have any good non-toxic tips for us?

anyways.  i did get caught up on mailing things friday.  my september bee vintage blocks are on their way.  i worked on my scrappy mug rug - but boy, am i intimidated.  my partner is soooo creative.  i didn't know you could combine so many techniques into a 5"x8" rectangle!!  so now i am trying to get inspired.   i have a couple more ideas to try.  wish me luck!

also - we need more swappers to get going on another i-spy swap!  if you're interested go to a trio of boys!

now it's time to get back to my own trio of boys.  see you soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

how the pros do it

so i've been looking into the local quilt guilds. there are three within twenty miles, plus if i'm willing to drive further i have tons of options. lawrence and kcmqg, i'm looking at you! 

the garnett guild, pieces and patches, meets on my bunco night so i've never made it there. but today they sponsored a program featuring the newest book from quilt in a day - quilt blocks on american barns.  eleanor burns' sister, patricia knoechel, was here from san diego to show us some fabulous quilts and talk about a few blocks from the book.

i had planned to take some pics to share, but my camera battery was dead.  doh!  i snapped a few with my phone, but they are truly awful so i will spare you.  and beside two toddlers, i was the youngest person there by far! so much for meeting my new bff.  i'm not the only one who does that, am i?  by that, i mean hopes that i will meet someone around my age, who loves to sew and knit and would like nothing better than to hang out on saturday night crafting?  because my husband does not fill those shoes.  luckily he has other skills...

i did get to see this quilt. the teensy little pieced quilt blocks on those barns are only 2 inches or so.  yep, tiny but perfect.  sheesh.  patricia shared her farm quilt - lavender hill farm - and it was a work of art!  she used a variety of landscape fabrics - think prints of rocks, grass, sky, even trees and flowers and animals - and appliqued them around the barns.  her quilt was a mix of purples and greens, very different from the one above.  i didn't buy the book because i doubt i will ever make a barn quilt.  but it was fun to get inspired and see some pretty quilts!

i had to leave early because i left sawyer at home with my MIL and my boob alarms were going off.  next month i hear cherrie house is going to be at the kc modern quilt guild meeting!  i am so there. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

maybe i'm irish...

the luck is with me again!  i won a few giveaways, and i want to share my loot with y'all.

first up - i won 25 birth announcements from daylight designs on etsy - perfect timing, huh? i won this prize from 30 days.

next up - the new book star struck quilts from barbara cline.  i won this from spun sugar quilts during the blog book tour.  it just came today, so i have only flipped through it but i can see some stars in my future!

i also won an adorable felt ice cream cone with three scoops - chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry! and a piece of layer cake, all made by beckym!  i won these during reannalilydesigns birthday celebration on her blog!  my kids have been having fun playing with it, but it's hard for me to let them.  i want to keep it for myself!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

stringing along

i whipped up some string blocks today - so much fun!

for the september bee vintage block, she requested all blue florals with a white center stripe.  i'm hoping she won't mind the stripes.  and it's only the 8th - that's some kind of record for me!

for me, the fun part of these blocks is rearranging them.  i need to make a string quilt.  just add it to the list!

and if you're wondering, i did get the top finished on my charity quilt.  but i haven't yet had a chance to baste it all together.  also - what color thread do i quilt it with?  i'm sort of unsure.  leave me your suggestion if you would!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

quilting for kids

ok, this new kid just refuses to be soothed by the hum of my sewing machine! i can only assume he's jealous i'm not making this quilt for him. here's the fabrics quilts for kids sent me:

i think the funnest part is that i would never have picked these fabrics!  the green turtle print has red and blue in it - that's where i would have gone.  i'm so predictable that way.  but the brown and orange works, even if it reminds me of halloween a little.  the back and binding are the chocolate brown dot as well.  they are robert kaufman fabrics, designed by amy schimler for quilts for kids.  the fabrics come precut in strips and squares, you simply sew sets together and then make your rows.  step by step instructions are included.  you should really go check it out, and volunteer to make just 2 blankets in 6 weeks. 

i'm giving up for tonight though.  i still need to add the borders, but the middle is finished.  i literally only get one row sewn, before he's fussing again.  he acts like he's starving but he's spitting up alot, and i'm thinking he has a sad tummy tonight.  so we'll try again tomorrow.  oh, just one hour of uninterrupted sewing time, what would that be like?!  oh well, it's not so bad.  i have to go cuddle on the couch with my favorite almost three week old.  :)

great giveaway!

you need to go to the plaid scottie and enter to win some beautiful fabric and an adorable bag! i found her blog through the scrappy mug rug swap, and i'm so glad i did!  if you win, will you share with me?  ;)

labor day

hello friends!  what are your holiday plans?  we wish we could be traveling to st. louis.  my little brother got married in fiji this summer, and they are having a luau reception there this weekend.  but the logistics of traveling 6+ hours with a new baby and three little kids - you can see why we stayed home, right?  because i am feeling all kinds of guilty for not being there.  that's the way it is though. 

hubby got called in to work today, so we are chilling at home with no agenda.  other than sewing - it's always on the list!  i sewed together rows on my charity quilt, but didn't get far before baby needed fed.  so, nap time today i hope to get the top finished, maybe even start quilting it!

here's a pic of those lounge pants i made the other day - i had to resize my pattern, the boys are getting so big!   but these fit zach pretty good.  i'll have to measure alex to make him some, these just won't work.  zach was happy to model as you can see!

 i also got the rest of my I-spy quilt blocks from swap#2, and i am itching to start putting them together!  i am doing the scrappy mug rug swap, and i have my september bee vintage blocks to make.  lots to do!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

on the table

a few weeks ago, i picked up a dining table for FREE from craigslist.  if you live in/near a college town, you can count on great finds when the students are all moving!  it's painted yellow - and will probably be repainted someday, but for now, it's perfect for holding my ironing board and cutting mat.  thanks to my daddy, who went with me to load and haul it.  and who made me laugh when his initial reaction to seeing it, said, "um, you're going to paint it, right?" 

i have been thinking of reassigning it to our kitchen, though. i love the legs on it, and it's wider than the one we have now.  it would need a leaf to extend it, and of course refinished.  now, if i could have my pick of any dining tables, it would have to be this one.  i don't have a formal dining room, but if i did, it would be that one.  sigh. 

ok, sorry for rambling!  getting that table made me finish rearranging my craft stuff.  i actually gave away an entire tub of yarn, which was hard for me to do and immediately made me think of ten projects i could have made with all that yarn.  but i'm trying to realize that hoarding all these supplies actually makes me less productive.  and it went to a sweet gal who works at our library, who is going to crochet afghans to raffle off and raise money for more books!  win win, right?

so here's pics of my new creative space.  it's in a nook off the upstairs family room, which means i will have to keep it tidy, so i don't irritate my sweet husband.  and it means baby has his own room!  well, he's sharing it with the guest bed.  and maybe someday with one of his brothers.  i think it's a happy little spot!  i still have work to do - art to hang, and i'd like to get a rug for the floor.  i'd also like to get some better storage than the mishmash of plastic i have now.  someday...

i still have a lot of fabric to sort through.   and lots of projects to finish!  i'll be reviewing another product for csn stores soon - look for that as well!  i'm thinking it will be this immersion blender - i've been wanting to try out this tomato soup recipe!  take care, see you soon!


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