Wednesday, September 22, 2010

getting there is half the fun

after a gentle reminder from my swap mama, i finally posted a pic in the scrappy mug rug photo pool.  there are some really cool little quilts in there!  here's a peek at mine:

i'm planning to stitch it up and bind it with the pale pink floral.  i love the colors together - the fabrics are some kaffe fassett florals i picked up with the intentions of making a baby girl quilt. except for that pink scroll, it's a scrap and i don't know who made it.  love it though.  i'm afraid it may be a bit too dreary or dark for my partner, so i am waiting to see if she comments on it before i commit it for her.  i think this would look cool in brighter colors with the gray too.

every time i do paper piecing, i fall more in love with it.  but it's hard for me to relax over what feels like "wasting" fabric.  so i think it will remain a small project technique for me.

i have still been faithful to my september stashbusting promise - in that i am trying to bust out all the projects i had stashed, unfinished, in my room.  here's a few more things i finished this week.

more ponytail ties for craft show

is there anything easier than fabric covered buttons?  snip, snap, and slip a hair band (the ponytail variety) through the loop.  tada!  button hair ties!  and the scarves are just as simple.  if they don't sell at the show they will make great stocking stuffers for my 5 nieces!

i made these dragonflies about 5 years ago!



Kristin said...

It looks like it's going to be just beautiful!

Robin said...

Yeah! Keep on stashbusting!


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