Wednesday, September 15, 2010

how the pros do it

so i've been looking into the local quilt guilds. there are three within twenty miles, plus if i'm willing to drive further i have tons of options. lawrence and kcmqg, i'm looking at you! 

the garnett guild, pieces and patches, meets on my bunco night so i've never made it there. but today they sponsored a program featuring the newest book from quilt in a day - quilt blocks on american barns.  eleanor burns' sister, patricia knoechel, was here from san diego to show us some fabulous quilts and talk about a few blocks from the book.

i had planned to take some pics to share, but my camera battery was dead.  doh!  i snapped a few with my phone, but they are truly awful so i will spare you.  and beside two toddlers, i was the youngest person there by far! so much for meeting my new bff.  i'm not the only one who does that, am i?  by that, i mean hopes that i will meet someone around my age, who loves to sew and knit and would like nothing better than to hang out on saturday night crafting?  because my husband does not fill those shoes.  luckily he has other skills...

i did get to see this quilt. the teensy little pieced quilt blocks on those barns are only 2 inches or so.  yep, tiny but perfect.  sheesh.  patricia shared her farm quilt - lavender hill farm - and it was a work of art!  she used a variety of landscape fabrics - think prints of rocks, grass, sky, even trees and flowers and animals - and appliqued them around the barns.  her quilt was a mix of purples and greens, very different from the one above.  i didn't buy the book because i doubt i will ever make a barn quilt.  but it was fun to get inspired and see some pretty quilts!

i had to leave early because i left sawyer at home with my MIL and my boob alarms were going off.  next month i hear cherrie house is going to be at the kc modern quilt guild meeting!  i am so there. 


Nikki said...

Can't wait til KCMQG. Feel free to bring Sawyer! I'm sure he'll sleep and we can pass him around. :)

There will be PLENTY of young people our age and younger there. LOTS of enthusiasm and excitement. You will feel right at home, I promise!

Kristin said...

I WISH I could quilt. I so regret not asking my Nonnie to teach me when she still could.


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