Saturday, September 25, 2010

my new toy

a little while ago i mentioned an upcoming review for csn stores.  they offered me a $45 credit towards any product in one of their stores!

of course i sold out jumped at the chance to try something out - for freeeeeee? (bedtime stories, anyone?)

i chose an oster immersion blender - something that was on my wish list for christmas this year.  what is an immersion blender?  well, basically it's a blender on a stick.  it allows you to whirl soups and stuff into smoothness without the hassle of pouring them in batches into your blender.  also, i really suck at pouring it in my blender without making a giant mess.  so this solves that problem for me!


i admit, it's not something i need on a regular basis, which is why i didn't already have one.  what made me choose this particular hand blender vs. the cuisinart was the extra attachments.  i love the chopping one, i've already used it to dice up some onion for potato soup.  it did a good job of chopping them up, and the container is the right size for small jobs.  it also has a lid, which doubles as a skid proof base.  also, the motor is a powerful 250 watts, vs. the 200 watts of the comparable cuisinart.

there is also a blending/measuring cup that looks like the right size for individual smoothies.  yum!  i haven't tried that yet, because if i'm making them, i need at least 3 servings to feed the little mouths too.

so thanks, csn, for the new toy!  i love it!

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