Wednesday, September 1, 2010

on the table

a few weeks ago, i picked up a dining table for FREE from craigslist.  if you live in/near a college town, you can count on great finds when the students are all moving!  it's painted yellow - and will probably be repainted someday, but for now, it's perfect for holding my ironing board and cutting mat.  thanks to my daddy, who went with me to load and haul it.  and who made me laugh when his initial reaction to seeing it, said, "um, you're going to paint it, right?" 

i have been thinking of reassigning it to our kitchen, though. i love the legs on it, and it's wider than the one we have now.  it would need a leaf to extend it, and of course refinished.  now, if i could have my pick of any dining tables, it would have to be this one.  i don't have a formal dining room, but if i did, it would be that one.  sigh. 

ok, sorry for rambling!  getting that table made me finish rearranging my craft stuff.  i actually gave away an entire tub of yarn, which was hard for me to do and immediately made me think of ten projects i could have made with all that yarn.  but i'm trying to realize that hoarding all these supplies actually makes me less productive.  and it went to a sweet gal who works at our library, who is going to crochet afghans to raffle off and raise money for more books!  win win, right?

so here's pics of my new creative space.  it's in a nook off the upstairs family room, which means i will have to keep it tidy, so i don't irritate my sweet husband.  and it means baby has his own room!  well, he's sharing it with the guest bed.  and maybe someday with one of his brothers.  i think it's a happy little spot!  i still have work to do - art to hang, and i'd like to get a rug for the floor.  i'd also like to get some better storage than the mishmash of plastic i have now.  someday...

i still have a lot of fabric to sort through.   and lots of projects to finish!  i'll be reviewing another product for csn stores soon - look for that as well!  i'm thinking it will be this immersion blender - i've been wanting to try out this tomato soup recipe!  take care, see you soon!

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Lauranie said...

What a lucky find! I love it!! Your new space is great..awesome natural light. You have sooo much motivation, you've GOT to be tired right?? Send me some ENERGY!! :D


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