Saturday, September 4, 2010

quilting for kids

ok, this new kid just refuses to be soothed by the hum of my sewing machine! i can only assume he's jealous i'm not making this quilt for him. here's the fabrics quilts for kids sent me:

i think the funnest part is that i would never have picked these fabrics!  the green turtle print has red and blue in it - that's where i would have gone.  i'm so predictable that way.  but the brown and orange works, even if it reminds me of halloween a little.  the back and binding are the chocolate brown dot as well.  they are robert kaufman fabrics, designed by amy schimler for quilts for kids.  the fabrics come precut in strips and squares, you simply sew sets together and then make your rows.  step by step instructions are included.  you should really go check it out, and volunteer to make just 2 blankets in 6 weeks. 

i'm giving up for tonight though.  i still need to add the borders, but the middle is finished.  i literally only get one row sewn, before he's fussing again.  he acts like he's starving but he's spitting up alot, and i'm thinking he has a sad tummy tonight.  so we'll try again tomorrow.  oh, just one hour of uninterrupted sewing time, what would that be like?!  oh well, it's not so bad.  i have to go cuddle on the couch with my favorite almost three week old.  :)

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