Monday, September 20, 2010

hey there!

i'm still here.  promise.  working furiously on whatever i can while the baby sleeps.  bribing the older kids with crackers and hot wheels.

getting creative with the tooth fairy's first visit to our house!

more on that tooth pillow pocket soon.  :)

dealing with a horrific problem - fleas!!  in our house!!  gah!  we have three cats and a dog.  all in & outdoor pets.  we've been lucky that ticks weren't as bad this year, but now i am completely creeped out by these little bugs.  we got behind on our frontline treatments - trust me, that will never happen again.  so now, loads and loads of laundry and steam cleaning the carpets tonight.  anyone have any good non-toxic tips for us?

anyways.  i did get caught up on mailing things friday.  my september bee vintage blocks are on their way.  i worked on my scrappy mug rug - but boy, am i intimidated.  my partner is soooo creative.  i didn't know you could combine so many techniques into a 5"x8" rectangle!!  so now i am trying to get inspired.   i have a couple more ideas to try.  wish me luck!

also - we need more swappers to get going on another i-spy swap!  if you're interested go to a trio of boys!

now it's time to get back to my own trio of boys.  see you soon!

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