Wednesday, September 8, 2010

stringing along

i whipped up some string blocks today - so much fun!

for the september bee vintage block, she requested all blue florals with a white center stripe.  i'm hoping she won't mind the stripes.  and it's only the 8th - that's some kind of record for me!

for me, the fun part of these blocks is rearranging them.  i need to make a string quilt.  just add it to the list!

and if you're wondering, i did get the top finished on my charity quilt.  but i haven't yet had a chance to baste it all together.  also - what color thread do i quilt it with?  i'm sort of unsure.  leave me your suggestion if you would!


Cecily said...

Those blocks are gorgeous and I just love the colors.

Lauranie said...

GREAT job....this just looks tedious! I don't know if I could ever do anything like this...and consider it FUN!! HA!

Nikki said...

Very pretty. I would use black thread. It'd be bold!

Or lime green if you're not feeling it.


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