Wednesday, September 29, 2010

time to party!

so we've decided on a carnival theme for our october birthday party.  we celebrate all the extended family birthdays every month in one event, so this month, there are three kids and two adults being honored.  ahem, i may or may not be one of them.  anyways, we are hosting it at our place and are planning tons of fun activities!

like pumpkin painting and bobbing for apples.

i'd also love to make a photo board, but i am not sure if my artistic ability and time allowance will make that a reality!  we'll probably do a bean bag toss and a pinata.  i have a lot to do - if you know any great carnival themed ideas, please share!

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Stacey said...

The last b-day party we went to, the mom painted a sheet and then cut out holes to use for a photo board as well as a ball toss activity.
My son's favorite carnival activity is the "Toss the ball into the cup to win a goldfish" game.


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