Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i hate glue guns.

i have never mastered the skill of using one without burning myself horribly. i have three smarting fingers - one is missing skin! all from hot glue gone awry. i was making rolled fabric flowers, thank goodness that's over.

except i keep seeing cute wreath ideas, like on the cover of woman's day it has a candy corn wreath. and i love the gumdrop wreaths for the holidays. maybe i need to wear gloves while glueing? anyone have tips for me on how NOT to burn myself?  because i have lots i want to do with them, but not at the risk of bodily harm.

i got a teeny bit of sewing in today, but no pics and nothing to share tonight. except this.

my new hairdo!  so far, loving it.  not sure if i'll keep it this short, but it's fun to try new do's, isn't it?


Cecily said...

I feel your pain on the hot glue gun - I have a similar relationship with mine.

Love the haircut!

Nikki said...

Love the hair!

I keep one of those wooden stick things that's used for pedicures near my glue gun. I use it to poke things instead of using my finger.

I still burn myself, but not as much.

Lauranie said...

sorry..no tips OR tricks for the glue gun!! I burn myself AND get those annoying "stringy thingies" EVERYWHERE!! I try the "wrap around the tip" idea, but the strings are still there...UGH!! I would LOVE to be so brave and cut my hair like yours...soooo cute!! :D


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