Friday, October 15, 2010

i'm a kcmqg member!

i have a birthday the end of the month.  so, besides getting furniture for our upstairs, i also got an evening out by myself.  i attended the kansas city modern quilt guild  last night!   i met up with nikki from the bee vintage group on flickr, who was so nice.  we had planned to meet for dinner, but you know how things go when you've got little ones at home, never as planned!  i ran into camille,  a lady i worked with at the library in lawrence, nice to see a familiar face.

the guest speaker was cherri house.  she was so unexpected real, and genuine.  she shared her personal story, which was inspiring and emotional, and i won't go into details because it's her story to share.  she is also really funny, and her quilts are just amazing.

each one she showed, i thought THAT one is my favorite!  until the next one.  i'm a little unsure of myself when it comes to solids, but her use of color is fabulous. the quilts are from her book, city quilts. i didn't buy a copy, since i spent my money on a guild membership, but someday i think i'd like to make city circles.

it was a great night out.  but i have to say - sawyer cried the entire time, so a huge thank you to my mom for dealing with that.  he has been fussy in the evenings, i walked the floor with him wednesday night.  thank goodness i had the neighbor girl come watch the older kids!  and, 6 hours is a wee bit too long to be away from a nursing baby.  i was sporting some humongo tatas by the time i got home!  we're going to relax today, the kids don't have school and we have to get ready for the carnival party tomorrow.  have a great weekend!


Cecily said...

Those are some beautiful quilts!

Melissa said...

Cherri did have an amazing story, didn't she. I can't get over how brilliant her quilts were in person. I was surprised to look at City Green up close and see purples and peaches. She has a great eye for color. It makes me want to try working with some solids. Welcome to KCMQG. It's a fun group! Hopefully I'll get a chance to say hi in Nov.

Lauranie said...

WOW!! Those quilts are AWESOME!! Oh...your new header is FABULOUS!!! Love it! :D


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