Saturday, October 9, 2010

in the mail

here are the party invites, cute, huh?  idea is from martha, of course.

confession.  my sis-in-law volunteered to make them.  and me, being so completely psycho, had to remake them because they were sort of, well,  messy.  she handwrote the backs and used construction paper (just like the instructions say to), so it was flimsy and sort of, well, not the way i wanted to do it.  in my defense, i only made four new ones.  two for friends, and one for each of my kids' birthday book.  i totally didn't tell her either. 

so wendy, hope you're not reading this, but if you are, it's me.  not you.  i think i need more medication.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

Great invites! Can I come? :-)
Thanks for the recipe for the Banana Coconut Lime Cake! I bought all the ingredients and hope to make it tonight! I hope I didn't come across as being rude - was just trying to be funny but sometimes that doesn't come across in comments or email - so thanks again!


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