Friday, October 1, 2010

the opposite of dieting

yesterday was a baking day.  troy brought home bags of apples from a coworker, and so far i've tried two new apple recipes.  one for crock pot apple crisp - it was good, but didn't get crisp.  it was good for breakfast.  i added a cup of oats and it was a little like oatmeal.  

the second recipe was for glazed apple bars.  they are sooo good.  super sweet and simple, too.  you should definitely try them.  basically, it's shortbread with an apple layer and more shortbread on top, drizzled with icing.  like i said, sweet.  i am going to make another pan to take to a fish fry tomorrow.  later tonight i'm hoping to use the rest of the apples in a freezer apple pie filling recipe. 

and another must try recipe is the coconut-lime banana bread over at made.  holy cow, this is delicious.  the tangy glaze is great.  i ate two huge pieces before i could stop myself.  i substituted sour cream for yogurt but otherwise made as directed, with applesauce.

next in the oven is an ernie birthday cake for our little zach dylan. 

he turns three today.  we are celebrating with a trip to the pumpkin patch.  have a great day!!

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Tammie said...

oh my that banana bread looks amazing.


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