Saturday, October 30, 2010

show and tell!

looking for the giveaways?  scroll down to the next two posts!

i made this fun wreath out of the box o' gingham from granny marie's stash.  i will probably try to sell it at the craft show, but wouldn't it be too bad if no one buys it, and i have to hang it up next easter?

i started another wreath out of some 4th of july fabric i found while sorting.  i may not have enough so i need to get creative for filler ideas.  linen?  hmm... linen always helps, doesn't it?  it's getting close to finished.

i've been playing with some ispy quilt layouts, and some gathered notebook covers.  nothing finished to show yet...

also, head over to see nikki  to learn how to make these fun trees.  i am making a bunch to create a garland!

i've been itching to do some hand sewing, so i may break out my embroidery hoop soon.  thinking of this cross stitch for my sewing room.

thanks for stopping by!  happy sewing!


Nikki said...

I've been thinking of doing one of those wreaths... How long did it take you???

Your Christmas tree looks great! :) Thanks for the kudos!

See you Thurs!

Lauranie said...

I think I will need to do a couple of wreaths...with all of the scraps I am finding in THE GREAT SEWING ROOM CLEAN UP that has been going on for the past WEEK!! UGH!! Can't wait to get back to sewing!! I have a feeling I will be attempting to make some crayon rolls finally..hopefully they will come out as cute as yours! :D Oh, wouldn't it be cute to have some peices of metallic or shiny fabric in the 4th of July wreath?? Just a thought! have a good weekend!


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