Sunday, November 28, 2010

what the ???

you know how everyone gives me craft supplies?  my MIL found these in some of granny marie's things and gave them to me.

yeah, baby shower favors, etc.

 light cord pulls?  really? 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pink fig design giveaway!

there's a great quilt giveaway going on over at pink fig design - she's got two quilts up for grabs!  she has a new fabric line out, called miss modd - super cute!  you know i love birdies!  this is my fave, adore the pattern and scalloped border, but the other design is awesome too.

so be sure to visit her and see the other quilt!

happy thanksgiving!  hope your food is yummo!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

craft show recap

last weekend i did my first ever craft show.  and it went pretty well.  i sold a little over a hundred dollars worth, and kelly sold about forty dollars of her jewelry.  we had lots of positive comments, lots of fondlers, and i got to wear my cute apron! 

some things i learned:

whatever you think will be your biggest seller will be your biggest flop.  i had made tons of hair clips and ponytail holders - i may have sold five total.  i was counting on them to be my moneymaker, and i'm still not sure why they didn't sell.  they were priced at $2 and $3, and other booths had them for $4.

an advertised 10x10 booth doesn't always mean a square shape.  we were in a corner of the library, tucked in the reference section with a long narrow area to set up in.  so the pegboard i had painted to use as my display didn't fit, which means i spent money on it and a garment rack and didn't even get to use them.  they won't go to waste, but it would have been nice to know the actual booth size ahead of time.  i did ask, and still it wasn't made clear.  c'est la vie.

don't wait until the last minute to print out your tags!  my printer stopped cooperating friday evening, jamming on every piece of card stock i tried to use.  regular paper went through fine.  and so i was scrambling to rethink my merchandising.

when you need everything to go smoothly, it never will.  i got sick with a sore throat and cough a week before, and so did sawyer, so i spent several nights without sleep checking his breathing and worrying over him.  it was rainy and cold when we delivered the tables to the school.  and i didn't finish a lot of things i wanted to put out, so i was especially glad kelly and her jewelry were there to save the day (and help fill up the tables).

biggest seller - crayon books and jarred soup mixes.  will i do it again next year?  hmm.  not sure.  it would depend a lot on how my family is doing - we'll have two kids in school full time and one in preschool.  one will be walking, i'm sure.  so i may have more than i can handle already.    i am so glad i finally got to do one though!  it was fun to sell some things, and i saw so many people i knew!  all of the preschool teachers, a bunch of my bunco girls, and my husband brought us lunch - so that made it a very enjoyable day.  in fact, it was weird being without the kids for so long!  when i saw sawyer again, he just stared at me for a little bit, and then wouldn't stop grinning at me.  it was so cool.

caps for good

if you're looking for a way to give back this holiday season, here's something to consider. 

caps for good is taking baby hat donations, so pick up your needles or hooks and make some hats!  there are downloadable cap patterns found at their website, as well as other ways to get involved.

i'm going to try to make 5.  i already have the yarn and the needles, and i figure i should put them to good use.  wish me luck!  or better yet - make some with me!

lucky me!

i meant to share these a couple weeks ago - but since i immediately began using them i kept forgetting to grab a photo.  at the kcmqg meeting, we did a little holiday swap-gift exchange thing.  it was fun, because we broke into groups and had to answer questions about ourselves and our sewing experiences.  and i was so happy to get these as my gift!

i can't decide which is the cutest.  but i'm thinking it's the little raccoon in the bottom.  these are so perfect for our house, and since we got new furniture upstairs i'd been meaning to make some coasters anyways!  i love the colors, the fabrics, and the fun stitching around each one.  three of them went upstairs, three stayed downstairs, and the seventh is on my nightstand.  and yes, it's the raccoon.  thanks, marsha!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i love and hate how i work on a deadline.  i hate that i put everything off to the last minute, but i love the surge of adrenaline that results in, well, results!  i always pull it out in the end.  i also always swear that NEXT time i will be more prepared.  my friend kelly is going to man the booth with me next weekend, and peddle some of her awesome necklaces and earrings.  she came over this weekend to price stuff, and i wanted to buy all of her jewelry.  so i hope we both sell a few things next saturday.  if not, she's good company!

so this morning i made a set of coasters and embellished a tote bag, all before breakfast!

loving those birdies!

and for tomorrow, i am hoping to finish a few more little things, i have a bunch of crayon wallets cut out but not assembled.   and i need to finish tagging everything, clean the house, etc.  it never ends does it?!

Friday, November 5, 2010

catching up

another great kansas city modern quilt guild meeting!  i am so glad nikki invited me to come last month, i had always planned to go but came up with excuses at the last minute.  but she got me there, and it's wonderful to be in a room full of girls who all love fabric and quilts!  and i am blown away by the talent.  show and tell is inspiring.  seriously.  i'm not one to name drop, buuuut if you'd like to check out a few of the amazing artists who belong to the kcmqg, here's a few starter links.  i'm still stalking down the rest - this is a big group! 
aunt june
tallgrass prairie studio
the empty bobbin
quilting is my therapy

yesterday was a day for catch up, and i managed to finish both my october bee blocks and my november block!   silly me, forgot to take a pic of the november wonky log cabin block because i was rushing around to get the kids ready for the big trip to kc.  they had dr. checkups and a big playdate planned while i went to guild.

(i did finish sewing the blocks together)

i also got my charity quilt mailed - finally, only 2 months past due date.  gulp.  that makes me feel terrible, i had such good intentions.   i was so nervous about how to quilt it, what color thread to use, etc...  and then i finally said just try something, and was able to finish it that day.  it's far from perfect, but it marks a few firsts for me.  first time diagonally quilting, first time using the backing as a binding, first time attaching a label to the back.

egads, those lines are so crooked!!

also, first time finishing the binding with a zigzag stitch, as requested.  i guess it minimizes iv lines catching on the edge?  i have another question though - are you supposed to attach the label before you quilt it?  sew it on by hand?  i didn't like the thread rectangle i got on the front after sewing it on.  does that even make sense?  it was a late night, i'm sooo tired.

only one week to craft show!  kelly is coming over sunday so we can figure out how to display all our fabulous goods.  i found out our booth will be in the library, if you are in the ottawa area on the 13th, be sure to come say hi!

Monday, November 1, 2010

snails for sawyer!

hi, & welcome! this is the 3rd time i've participated in amy's blogger's quilt festival. it's always an amazing collection of quilts and their stories. and as always, amy's done an awesome job and gotten some great sponsors and prizes!

this time i decided to share sawyer's baby quilt.  he's our fourth child, and the first who has his own quilt.  i guess there are some benefits to being the last baby!

aww, look at that sweetie pie!

the quilt is made out of one charm pack, love u by deb strain for moda fabrics.  the backing is the snail print from the same line.  and i bound it with some ticking that came from my husband's grandmother's stash.  the blue border was also from the stash.


it's a simple layout, alternating print charm squares with kona white. i machine quilted it with straight lines following the squares. it's soft and sweet, perfect for our little guy.

thanks for visiting, and be sure to check out all the fantastic quilts linked up over at the blogger's quilt festival!  


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