Friday, November 5, 2010

catching up

another great kansas city modern quilt guild meeting!  i am so glad nikki invited me to come last month, i had always planned to go but came up with excuses at the last minute.  but she got me there, and it's wonderful to be in a room full of girls who all love fabric and quilts!  and i am blown away by the talent.  show and tell is inspiring.  seriously.  i'm not one to name drop, buuuut if you'd like to check out a few of the amazing artists who belong to the kcmqg, here's a few starter links.  i'm still stalking down the rest - this is a big group! 
aunt june
tallgrass prairie studio
the empty bobbin
quilting is my therapy

yesterday was a day for catch up, and i managed to finish both my october bee blocks and my november block!   silly me, forgot to take a pic of the november wonky log cabin block because i was rushing around to get the kids ready for the big trip to kc.  they had dr. checkups and a big playdate planned while i went to guild.

(i did finish sewing the blocks together)

i also got my charity quilt mailed - finally, only 2 months past due date.  gulp.  that makes me feel terrible, i had such good intentions.   i was so nervous about how to quilt it, what color thread to use, etc...  and then i finally said just try something, and was able to finish it that day.  it's far from perfect, but it marks a few firsts for me.  first time diagonally quilting, first time using the backing as a binding, first time attaching a label to the back.

egads, those lines are so crooked!!

also, first time finishing the binding with a zigzag stitch, as requested.  i guess it minimizes iv lines catching on the edge?  i have another question though - are you supposed to attach the label before you quilt it?  sew it on by hand?  i didn't like the thread rectangle i got on the front after sewing it on.  does that even make sense?  it was a late night, i'm sooo tired.

only one week to craft show!  kelly is coming over sunday so we can figure out how to display all our fabulous goods.  i found out our booth will be in the library, if you are in the ottawa area on the 13th, be sure to come say hi!

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