Tuesday, November 16, 2010

craft show recap

last weekend i did my first ever craft show.  and it went pretty well.  i sold a little over a hundred dollars worth, and kelly sold about forty dollars of her jewelry.  we had lots of positive comments, lots of fondlers, and i got to wear my cute apron! 

some things i learned:

whatever you think will be your biggest seller will be your biggest flop.  i had made tons of hair clips and ponytail holders - i may have sold five total.  i was counting on them to be my moneymaker, and i'm still not sure why they didn't sell.  they were priced at $2 and $3, and other booths had them for $4.

an advertised 10x10 booth doesn't always mean a square shape.  we were in a corner of the library, tucked in the reference section with a long narrow area to set up in.  so the pegboard i had painted to use as my display didn't fit, which means i spent money on it and a garment rack and didn't even get to use them.  they won't go to waste, but it would have been nice to know the actual booth size ahead of time.  i did ask, and still it wasn't made clear.  c'est la vie.

don't wait until the last minute to print out your tags!  my printer stopped cooperating friday evening, jamming on every piece of card stock i tried to use.  regular paper went through fine.  and so i was scrambling to rethink my merchandising.

when you need everything to go smoothly, it never will.  i got sick with a sore throat and cough a week before, and so did sawyer, so i spent several nights without sleep checking his breathing and worrying over him.  it was rainy and cold when we delivered the tables to the school.  and i didn't finish a lot of things i wanted to put out, so i was especially glad kelly and her jewelry were there to save the day (and help fill up the tables).

biggest seller - crayon books and jarred soup mixes.  will i do it again next year?  hmm.  not sure.  it would depend a lot on how my family is doing - we'll have two kids in school full time and one in preschool.  one will be walking, i'm sure.  so i may have more than i can handle already.    i am so glad i finally got to do one though!  it was fun to sell some things, and i saw so many people i knew!  all of the preschool teachers, a bunch of my bunco girls, and my husband brought us lunch - so that made it a very enjoyable day.  in fact, it was weird being without the kids for so long!  when i saw sawyer again, he just stared at me for a little bit, and then wouldn't stop grinning at me.  it was so cool.


Nikki said...

I love that last part about Sawyer looking at you for a bit and grinning. I think he is an old soul. :)

Glad you had some crafty (and profitable) fun!

See you at guild next month?

Lauranie said...

Congrats on your first craft show!! How exciting!! Thanks for the great info...when/IF I ever get around to doing one. I've been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas...lots to do and like you said earlier...I too am a PROCRASTINATOR!!! I HATE that! I wish I was more prepared and ready way before I need to be. On the rare occasion that I am finished early, it feels so good..but it doesn't happen enough to make me stay focused! HA! Sorry I've been so absent...fighting colds around here with this CRAZY HOT/COLD weather we've been having!! xo


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