Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lucky me!

i meant to share these a couple weeks ago - but since i immediately began using them i kept forgetting to grab a photo.  at the kcmqg meeting, we did a little holiday swap-gift exchange thing.  it was fun, because we broke into groups and had to answer questions about ourselves and our sewing experiences.  and i was so happy to get these as my gift!

i can't decide which is the cutest.  but i'm thinking it's the little raccoon in the bottom.  these are so perfect for our house, and since we got new furniture upstairs i'd been meaning to make some coasters anyways!  i love the colors, the fabrics, and the fun stitching around each one.  three of them went upstairs, three stayed downstairs, and the seventh is on my nightstand.  and yes, it's the raccoon.  thanks, marsha!

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