Friday, December 17, 2010

and the winners are...

yay!  101 followers!  in case you're wondering, 100 was the magic number that one company told me i needed to reach before i could participate in their product giveaways!  maybe now i can get some more good loot to share with all of you!  so thanks so much for helping me reach it! 

and now, for the giveaways.  i decided to give away a fat quarter of old school amy butler as my bonus giveaway.

so winner #1, of the book package, is #81 - sarah - who also happens to be having a birthday today!  yes way!  so i'm extra happy for her.

and winner #2 of the AB is #124 emily elizabeth!

i know i said noon, and i did draw the numbers then.  so thanks for being patient over the last hour while i tried to count comments AND put three little boys down for a nap AND answer the phone every few minutes AND attempt to adjust the html code on my comments to count for me, total fail there.  ah well.  the good news is, it's done, everyone is laying down and maybe i can sneak upstairs to quilt...

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