Thursday, December 16, 2010

gouda dea?

only one day left to enter my sewmamasew giveaway! pssst - if i reach 100 followers, i will have a bonus giveaway - some yummy fabric!  only 5 to go!

and can i say how hungry i am from reading your comments?  so many yummy ideas!  like charleston cheese dip.   a hot reuben dip.  crustless quiches (just use a slice of squash for a crust!)  caprese salad balls - mix shredded mozzarella cheese, pesto, and a small amount of minced tomato. form into balls. roll in beaten egg, then in bread crumbs. fry. use a deep fryer so they don't fall apart.  (thanks for the recipe, sharon!) jalepeno popper dip.  and so many of you are like me - going with the popular spinach dip or lil' smokies.  anyways, thanks again for all the great ideas!

oh - i looked for brie at wallyworld yesterday, but could only find a wedge, not a wheel.  i found a small round of smoked gouda - and thought mmmm, smokey gouda with red onions and mushrooms...  maybe my favorite pizza ever.  and then i thought - hey, maybe with this onion and pepper relish i want to try.  get it?  gouda dea?  heehee i'm hoping to make some this weekend, we'll see...

here's a project i am glad to be done with.

those teeny hands!

i bought these kits months before baby was born.  they've asked and asked to do them, so we got them out the other day.  where i realized that only two of them could be made at a time, because there were only two molds.  then i realized they have to sit overnight to dry.  can you imagine the chaos that ensued?  i want to paint them!  i want to make mine now!  why can't i paint one!  i think it's dry NOW!  poor kids.  life is soooo hard sometimes.  :)  anyways.  this pic is before the painting.  that was physically hard for me to endure.  watching them paint all willy-nilly.  i was cringing even though i tried not to.  and the funny thing is? in the end, i like theirs better than the one i painted for sawyer.

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