Thursday, December 23, 2010

not an apple

how's everyone doing?  i have been absent lately because i can't find my camera's battery charger.  that is number one on my priority list today - i need to take some pictures!  so anyways, i have things to show you, but you'll have to settle for some links instead. 

first up - so glad to have this how-to on making cookie boxes.  next year!  i always give cookies to the neighbors.

this year, i made these cookie jar mixes for all the bus drivers, teachers, and paras at our school.  our kids have 4 bus drivers, 4 paras, and 2 teachers.  so yep, i used a whole case of quart jars!  and i have 2 left for last minute gifts.  i did find the recipe a little dry, so i used 2 tsp. vanilla and the cookies were so good!  i used red and green m&ms for the preschool teachers, and chocolate chips for the other teachers.  i also made one jar with peanut butter and vanilla chips.

we have a very small school, and one of my favorite things is that the entire school does everything together.  field trips - all grades on one bus.  the 5th and 6th graders read to the preschoolers.  the kgtn and 1st graders have recess together. and as a result, all of the teachers are working with our kids.  so i wanted to do something for everyone.  i made one batch and wrapped them individually with saran wrap, twisting the ends like a giant wrapped candy.  i piled them on a red platter with a cardstock sign saying "thanks for being so sweet".  i left that in the teacher's lounge for everyone who works there. 

so what are you making for teacher gifts?

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