Wednesday, December 8, 2010


thanks for your comments.  i did give it another whirl yesterday, actually reading the manual and stuff!  yep!  and i tried everything i could think of.  it improved, but not enough.  changing the tension didn't make that much difference.  i wonder if trying different thread would help? or a different batting - this is cheap poly stuff.  i remember sewmamasew did a month on this subject, maybe i should do some research.  and yes, it's probably my cheapo machine, but i'm not ready to accept defeat right now!

troy is working a bunch of overtime this week, which means, sadly, i won't get to go to kcmqg this month.  sniff.  or have any time for sewing.  i have joy's annual cookie exchange on saturday, which means friday will be spent baking 6 dozen cookies.  i am trying out two new recipes this year.  one is for these cutie santa hats, and the other is for these brownie bites.  only, instead of pumpkin, i am using candy cane kisses!  yum!  the mint truffle ones are tasty too.  i also bought the irish creme flavor, but bleah.  they were nasty.  in case you were wondering.  as a backup, i have all the stuff to make sugar cookies and cinnamon crackles.  anyways!  i will post pics on friday!!

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Nikki said...

:( I was hopeful that you'd be able to come to guild.

My hubby happens to be unexpectedly home this week so I can cancel my sitter. :D

I had one more thought. Once, when my wicked singer was acting up, it was the bobbin. I'd bought some more bobbins, but apparently they weren't exactly the right ones for my machine. They looked fine to me, but my tension was godawful no matter what foot I used or what I did to the tension. I almost threw the machine out the window of my attic. So frustrating. What's even more frustrating is that my mom knew what the problem was after looking at it for 2 minutes.

I hope you have a merry Christmas! Let me know if you'll be in town for Christmas shopping or anything. Maybe we could sit and chat over a mocha or something...


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