Tuesday, December 27, 2011

silent film charm pack giveaway!

thanks to the fabulous fat quarter shop for sponsoring this giveaway!

three silent film kona cotton charm packs, three winners!

all you need to do to enter is leave me a comment, and tell me what your favorite color is to pair with grey (gray?)

bonus entries:
1. like craftytammie on facebook  or tell me you already do
2. like Fat Quarter Shop on facebook or tell me you already do
3. follow craftytammie on twitter
4. follow Fat Quarter Shop on twitter

giveaway ends january 10th, and winners will be drawn randomly from all comments received!  open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

while you're here, don't forget, signups are open for the shades of gray charm swap!  here's the info, hope you'll join in the fun!

shades of gray fabric linky list!

ok, time to start showing us those shades of gray fabrics!

right now, lots of shops have fabric marked down for the year's end.  like these dots from circa1934 at sewmamasew.  so take a look around, you're sure to find a bargain!  (some sites require a minimum purchase on sale fabrics)

once you've decided which two fabrics you're buying/using, just add them to the list so nobody else buys the same one!  easy peasy.  do keep in mind that the print should be contained within a 5 inch charm, so some large prints won't work well here.

ALSO - if you'd like to fill two spots, sending in 96 charms, fantastic!  i'm doing that myself!  just let me know so i get you counted!

well, what are you waiting for?!  let's see those fabrics!

i'm trying to figure out why images aren't able to be taken right from the web site. i added my images by saving them to my desktop and selecting that option. hopefully this can be resolved quickly!

I GIVE UP.  so i started a flickr group for us - which i invite you all to join!  we can link up our fabrics, projects we make with the charms, and more!  here's the link!


Monday, December 26, 2011

shades of gray charm swap

sign ups are now open CLOSED for the shades of gray charm swap!  please be sure to read the rules and if you agree to play by them, leave me a comment, and you're in!  i'll take the first twenty three (plus me)- but if there's more interest, we can do more groups, or have an alternate or two.

the fine print:

we're swapping 5 inch charm squares in shades of gray.  so any grey, black & white are acceptable.  grey with black, black on white, black with gray dots - but no other colors please!  rotary cut only.  each swapper will cut 2 different half yard cuts,  into 24, 5 inch charms each.  each swapper agrees to use only top quilt shop quality, new cotton quilting fabric from a smoke free home.  (no fabric from walmart or joann's or granny's stash)  please don't prewash your fabrics.  and finally, no flannel.

fat quarter shop is sponsoring an amazing giveaway for our shades of gray swap - more details to come soon!  be sure to stop by their shop and see all the fabulous gray fabrics they have!
or if you choose to go black and white, they have lots to pick from too!

annie's farm stand

black tuxedo batiks

black & white

to ensure no duplicates, i'll ask that you add your chosen fabrics to a linky list (i'll add in another post, once signups are completed)  plus, then we can all ooh and ahh over the fabrics we'll be getting! 

here's one last example, this has white, grey, and black, all in one!

oval elements, cookies 'n cream
once again, each swapper will cut 2 different half yards of fabric into 5 inch charms, 24 of each fabric.  48 charms total.  then, mail all those to me along with a self addressed, prepaid envelope, and i will mail them back an assortment of 48 different charms!  i'd like to have them all sent back out by january 31st if not sooner, so please plan to have them mailed to me by january 15th.

just think of the possibilities!  make a dramatic shades of gray quilt.  or add in a single color for a dramatic pop! 

questions?  concerns?  am i way off on my math?  it's been known to happen!  email me  and i'll try to answer them asap.   otherwise, leave me a comment telling me you'd like to join, and when we reach 23 people it's closed!  if there's enough interest, i may be able to do two groups.  so spread the word, feel free to steal the graphic and use it on your own blog!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i know you guys are probably waiting for me to share all the loot i won in sewmamasew's giveaway day - but i didn't. win. anything.  i'm not sure that's ever happened!  but hopefully that means some of you were super lucky and have some great mail coming to you!

the cookie exchange was awesome - lots (and lots) of yummy cookies! 18 x 9 dozen = a boatload.

joy is a great hostess - she got us all insulated coffee cups and had a hot chocolate bar (with marshmallow vodka to spike it with!)  she rented out a room at the visitor's center so there was plenty of parking and enough room for everyone.  there were 18 participants this year - the most ever!

i met joy about 11 years ago, and we love to tell our story, so i'm going to share it with you!  troy and i had gotten engaged and i was planning our wedding.  we lived almost 4 hours from the church, so everything was long distance - we still had dial up internet, and no facebook or pinterest to help us back then!  heck, i didn't even have a cell phone yet.  when the lady i wanted to make my cake wasn't available, i decided to take a class at hobby lobby and make our cake myself.  a gal i worked with signed up too, and brought her sister.

and there was one more girl in the class.  her name was joy.  and i was envious right off the bat, because her husband, rebel, (coolest name ever) had made her a cake board out of wood and i was all "man, i wish troy would do that for me..."  she and i sat next to each other, and while we were trying to make roses out of peach frosting, she leaned over and whispered "mine looks like a little penis!"  and a friendship was born.

strangely enough, it turned out that we already knew "of" each other - we had mutual friends, went to the same university and she had even met troy before!  then we both moved away, still within an hour of each other.  a few years later, we both moved again - still within 20 minutes though.  she is always planning fun events for all us girls - she started a monthly bunco club, and the cookie exchange.

joy is also the one who talked me into taking a knitting class with her - even though i'd tried to learn several times and was convinced i couldn't do it.  so we met in lawrence every week and knitted washcloths.  and then she talked me into taking the next class, where we tried to make socks - my one sock is still half done, still on the needles!  someday, right?  and i'm so glad she made me go - i love to knit now!

she is one of my only crafty friends, and even though we both have kids now and not much time to get together, i can always count on her for a good phone convo, and a great cookie exchange. she also has two of the prettiest little girls and is my own fashion stylist- she dressed me for my 20 year reunion last summer, sharing her cutest clothes and jewelry.

i love you JOY!!  thanks for being a great friend!

Friday, December 16, 2011

we have a winner!

i just finished making 9 dozen cuckoo cookies for my friend joy's annual cookie exchange tomorrow.  phew. 

this is the most we've ever made, every year more people want to join in, and i am excited to see what everyone else is bringing!  plus she's having a hot chocolate bar, mmm!

i also picked up emma's quilt from the quilter this morning.  i need to bind it, and i'll post some more about it later, but here's a sneak peek of the back!   (she used a poly batting, i'm hoping once it's washed and dried it won't be so poofy...)

anyways, on to the winner.  random number goddess - who do you choose?

#27!  cricket!  yay!  i will contact her asap, and many many thanks to my followers, new and old!  you guys are the best!  i am hoping to try out some of your bread tips this week!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

on a roll

i'm having so much fun reading everyone's comments! i love giveaway day, i have found a bunch of new to me blogs that rock, and i hope you've been having fun too! and seriously - my sample tweet? so funny! only two people tweeted it but it totally made me crack up to see it! so thanks to everyone again for entering - only one day left!

i'm trying to get my do. good stitches blocks done - i made one this afternoon but realized it's way too big. i love it though!  i will remake it, only smaller.

yesterday was rainy, gloomy and unseasonably warm - and i used it to finish piecing this top! it's made using the tutorial from the across the sea quiltalong and it's a super easy and fast quilt.

i decided to use grandma marie's gingham, and in the save the supplies spirit, i used a bunch of her scraps of white as well.  can you tell?

some of the gingham was obviously left over scraps from cutting out clothing, so i made do with what i had. one block i only had enough blue for three sides, but i found a similar blue in some of my nana's fabrics.

now i need to piece a back and get it quilted.  i got an email that emma's quilt is finished, yay!  i am picking it up tomorrow, i can't wait to see it!  maybe i can get it bound this weekend, if not, surely in time to wrap it and put it under the tree.  all right, i'm going to bed.  i'll be back to announce the giveaway winner this weekend! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

somebody's gonna get lucky...

it's giveaway day!!  i love this day so much, i feel like that lady in the target black friday ads, i've got my calendar cleared, my coffee cup sitting on a sweet little mug rug and i say, bring it on! 

since some of you are probably new here, i'd like to introduce myself!

i'm tammie, stay at home momma of four kiddos, and i try to make something every day.  sometimes it's just the bed.
but usually i bake, craft, or stitch something.
and every day, things that seemed so unapproachable before,
like canning, or quilting,
well, they get a little easier.

not yeast bread though.  i cannot get yeast bread to rise.  it hates me.

anyways, for the giveaway today, i would like to offer up a custom quilted notebook!  i use jcasa's quilted list taker pattern, and i love making these notebooks!  they hold a 5"x7" notepad and pen.  i keep one in my bag for shopping lists and coupons, and for impromptu drawing when i need a quick distraction for my kids. 

the winner will get to choose from two fabric palettes.

sugar pop by moda:

or scrappy vintage fabric:

the notebooks pictured are examples only - i will make a new one for the winner!

to enter, i'm using rafflecopter, so hopefully that goes well.  it's my first time, be gentle. (i can't seem to change the contest end time to be 5pm PST on there, but that's when it's over, on dec. 16th)  USA only, please, sorry to my int'l peeps.  hmm, any other fine print i'm missing?  probably.   it will ship by dec. 24th.

EDITED - i'm getting some feedback that rafflecopter isn't cutting it - so i'm going to cut my losses now and go back to the "old fashioned" way of doing this.

to enter, please leave a comment for each thing you do!

1. tell me your best yeast bread tips, or which notebook you'd choose.  
2. tweet the giveaway!  sample tweet:
did you see the amazing notebooks @craftytammie is giving away?!   she rocks!! http://craftytammie.com
3.  like me on facebook or tell me you already do
4. follow me with google friend connect, or tell me you already do!

if you already entered on rafflecopter, no worries, i am going to manually enter you in my comments.  thanks for the quick feedback, maybe i'll try rafflecopter again sometime.

thanks so much for stopping by today!  i am hosting a fabric swap after the holidays, so be sure to follow me in some fashion so you don't miss out on sign-ups!  happy giveaway day!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

guild night!

whew!  the flu sidelined me for an entire day, but i'm back and feeling better than ever!  maybe that's what those detox cleanse things are all about.  either that, or it's because i didn't have any coffee for almost 40 hours, and now i'm flying!  whee!

anyways, i have gotten a lot done today, including packaging up my 2 1/2 inch charms for the swap at kcmqg tonight.  fun fun!  i included some katie jump rope, terrain, midwest modern, and other bits from my scrap bins.  i kept at least one square of each that i cut, and i am excited to make some stuff!  first up will be this scotty dog from denyse schmidt- he's been on my list for awhile, and won't he be adorable in a scrappy mish-mosh of modern fabrics!? (her pattern is for 2 1/4" squares, so i'll have to do a wee bit of trimming)  also - no pics, because my camera is MIA.  sigh.

i'm also thinking i need to include some other fabrics in my terrain-ish project.  i have made several blocks now, but i want to offset them with some scrappy 16 patches, like the ones i made for do. good stitches two months ago.  the pattern called for appliqued blocks, but i prefer pieced, and i think this will be fab!

on my design wall is another long lost project - the across the sea quilt along.  i am making mine out of gingham in boyish colors.  i love how they all look together!  it's close to finished, hopefully this weekend the top will be done.

i was thisclose to being finished with my bee vintage quilt top.  but i realized as i was sewing the rows together that one of my blocks is on the small side.  i need to do some ripping and make a block to fit.  then i can use the smallish one on the back!  but for now, it's been set aside so i can finish other stuff.  it's looking lovely though.

this next week is another full one, with the kids' school christmas store, wrestling practices, ccd class, our town christmas dinner, making gingerbread houses at school, and a uterine ultrasound/biopsy, great times.  just crossing my fingers that nothing scary is going on in there.  i keep having pregnancy dreams(it's a girl!), which is ridiculous and not even possible, but dreams do what they want, don't they.  everyone have a great weekend, and don't forget about sewmamasew's giveaway day!  dec. 12th, clear your calendars!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

bake, eat, repeat

i'm making those mushrooms again (recipe here), as i type, and taking them to a birthday party later for our son and his two cousins.  i also made a german chocolate cake with coconut/pecan frosting, and a quick dinosaur cake for the boys. 

alex gets to celebrate early with troy's side of the family, his actual birthday isn't until january.  but we like to group them together whenever possible, and he's not complaining!  we had a hayrack ride planned for tonight, but it's raining and cold here, so soup buffet instead.

i tried making sugared walnuts in the crockpot last night!  they are good but not evenly coated, and i'm sure it's my fault.  i forgot to set the timer and also doubled the recipe.  i will try it again, by the book this time, because next i am doing pecans.  $$$ cha-ching!  i need to plant some nut trees, i think!  i haven't had to buy them for awhile, my brother had a tree and gave me a ton last year(or maybe the year before?) but they moved and somehow the pecan fairy forgot to visit this year.  anyways, i will be giving these out with my gifts to friends and neighbors this year, so i don't want to mess them up.

last to make on the gift list is peanut butter fudge!  i made it last year and it was so good!  i think i ate more than i gave away, but i'm sure i will have more self control this time around.  right?? 

still playing around with terrain

i am super excited for our december kc modern guild meeting thursday.  we are having a square swap - 2 1/2 inch modern fabrics, 25 in a baggie, as many as you want!  i am thinking this is a good time to cut jelly roll strips from all my yardage, and take a single square from each.   i have a cute idea for the packaging, can't wait for monday so i can play.  tell me, would you rather have 25 squares from a single line, or a variety?  i am also hoping that emma's quilt will be finished and i can get it bound before the meeting, and finally get to show and tell a finished quilt!  probably wishful thinking, but i can dream, right?

anyways, hope you're having a great weekend, and if you're making something yummy for gifts, please leave me a comment and a link if you have one!  i'd love some new ideas!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bring on december!

so i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!  we spent the day at my MIL's, who hosts every year on her farm.  their huge family gets together and the kids run wild, climbing hay bales and making leaf piles, while the grownups play pitch or poker and drink homemade wine.  and the crazy shoppers plan their black friday strategies.  did any of you go out and shop?  i stayed home and went to sleep.  all that yummy food and chasing sawyer around wore me out!

i made stuffed mushrooms, which i made once long ago for my 30th birthday party.  i forgot how delicious those are!  bacon, feta, spinach, onion - what's not to love?  well, the mushroom part, if you ask my mom!  and it's a little time consuming, you cook the mushrooms for close to an hour before stuffing them.  but they can be prepared ahead of time, and warmed up before your party.  mine were cold by the time we got them to lunch, but they were still pretty tasty.

i also finished up the wee woodlands quilt top - finally!  this is my november entry into the craft book challenge.  made it with no time to spare!  the pattern is called "sparkling gemstones" from the book jelly roll quilts by pam & nicky linott.  i think i will send this one out to be quilted.  it's pretty big.  this is the first jelly roll quilt i've made, and i have a few things to note.  first, not all fabric lines are great for a jelly roll.  for example, i fell in love with the alphabet and animals in this line.

but chop it up into 2 1/2" strips, and you end up with goat butts and chunks of letters. i do have yardage of the brown dots, red and teal stripes, and cream alphabet to use for the backing, so no biggie, but definitely something i will think about before i buy another jelly roll!

2nd - check to see if fabrics are duplicated.  this had doubles of each of the stripes, so i had to make sure to include a stripe in almost every block.  i also didn't want to have more than 2 stripes per block, so it took a little thinking while piecing.  something else i didn't notice was that it included black and brown in the prints - i'd normally never put those two together!

now, what color thread would you use to quilt this?  i'm thinking dark brown, but then will it look odd on the multi colored backing?  is it ok to use a different color in the bobbin when quilting?  and if so - then what color would look best on cream, red, and teal?  questions questions!

so as a reward for finishing the top, i allowed myself a little playtime with the jelly roll strips of terrain i won from my friend nikki's blog.  i used a few squares in blocks for do.good stitches, but i saved the rest to try out on this block.  it's from the pattern "ladybugs" in the book  a baker's dozen by that patchwork place.  the pale gray isn't working for me, i think i'll go back with white.

they'll pop so much more against white.  i'm so thankful that we have nowhere to go today, i need a lazy pj & coffee day with some fabric fun! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the finish line!

finished stitching 10 of 12 rows of wee woods together - gotta love chain piecing!

how do you stitch an elephant?  one block at a time...

this would go a lot faster if zach would stop sneaking bobbins to unwind all over the family room...

i'm trying so hard not to start another project until this quilt top is completed.  it's hard for me, peeps.  i have my fabrics laid out for my bottled rainbow block for do. good stitches, and i know it's going to be challenging, i'm no good at machine applique.  but i will do my best and maybe it will go smoothly.  but not until wee woods is done! she says in a stern voice.

i'm also dying to crack into this wonderland pattern!  i won a copy from mary anne over at quilt logic.  the pattern is from empty bobbin sewing studio, and like all of her patterns, it's very well written.  but you know, i am thinking this may never become a tree skirt.  i may just keep sewing blocks and make it a lap quilt.

simple, yet fun, and it would let me use a bunch of my ds quilts fabric i've been hoarding saving.   and i've had this pattern since the last guild meeting, so you can imagine the restraint it's taken!  i have my fabrics stacked up and ready to go.

i have been trying to avoid the black friday madness, but now it looks like i will be one of the fools at wallyworld at 10:00 thursday.  because of this.

paula deen aqua cookware.  love.  i only wish i were buying it for myself.  anyone have it/used it?  what do you think of it?  thinking of this for my MIL.  but if she doesn't like it, i'd be happy to take it off her hands...  dear paula/santa, if you're listening, i've been (mostly) good all year!

edited to add - holy crap!  there are all these horror stories of people's pans melting and glass shrapnel flying about from their PD pans purchased at target and walmart.  maybe i will rethink my gift idea!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

happy haulidays!

chronicle books is having their 2nd annual happy haulidays!  here's the info!

Happy Haulidays is a book giveaway hosted by Chronicle Books. This contest is awesome!  Chronicle books is giving away $500 worth of books to 1 blogger, 1 commenter of said blogger's choice, and 1 charity of the blogger's choice.

i, of course, chose all craft books and kits!
look at these amazing titles available from chronicle!

1. girl's world 
2. vintage craft workshop
3. instant iron-ons
4. hot type
5. lotta jansdotter's handmade living
6. silhouette art
7. amy butler's style stitches
8. the sock monkey & friends kit
9. french general: treasured notions
10. everyday's a holiday
11. whip up mini quilts
12. embroidered effects
13. denyse schmidt quilts
14. lotta jansdotter's simple sewing for baby
15. the handy book of artistic printing
16. applique your way
17. lace knitting to go
18. instantly antique wall decals
19. cath kidston cupcake liners
20. cath kidston masking tape
21. button girl
22. mobile art
23. masterpiece studio
so of course those are what i want.  and the charity i would donate to is enchanted makeovers.  they transform shelters into "beautiful sanctuaries" and then take it a step further:

"Enchanted Makeovers’ unique projects, programs and events such as sewing classes, hands on cooking & baking classes, gardening, inside-out makeovers, journaling, stepping into the dream and capes for kids provide new solutions tailored to meet the needs of women and children who are living in shelters to re-build their lives. They provide a foundation for success that is missing in most shelter programs. We start by transforming the physical shelter space into an environment that inspires psychological and behavioral change. Creatively, focus, self-worth and optimism for the future are among the transformative results. The programs help to break down the walls of segregation between the shelter and the community while teaching coping skills and life skills. Volunteers and crafters are united from across the nation with the women and children, each given the opportunity to share their talents, share their story and shine their light."  
(excerpted directly from the enchanted makeover's website)

if you are interested in finding a charity to support - craft bits has a list of craft related organizations and there's sure to be something local in your area too!

now if you want to get in on this contest, just leave me a comment and tell me which book is on your wish list this christmas!  or tell me what charity is dear to your heart.  or just say hi!  maybe we'll win a bunch of books!


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