Saturday, January 15, 2011

animal mugs

hey all my thrifting friends out there - do me a favor, keep an eye out for these ceramic animal coffee mugs, would ya?  my mom gave me the ones we had as a kid, the alligator, monkey, and giraffe.   and i found the ostrich and lion over the last few years.  i think they are too sweet!  and i especially love that my kids drink their hot chocolate in them after playing in the snow.

here's the weird thing though - can't find pictures of them anywhere on google.  i did find a set of fairy tale ones, looks like the same "artist" and they were made by carol wright.  the ostrich and lion are both stamped jsny taiwan, but the others are blank.  i always look for them while i'm thrifting, i'd love to collect more of them.  so if you come across one, pick it up for me and i'll pay you to ship it - or maybe we can work a trade or something?  :)  happy thrifting!


Shelley said...

A quick search on etsy came up with these two -
Those are really cute mugs!

craftytammie said...

thanks shelley! I talked to her, she's keeping a look out for me too!

rkattamis said...

Growing up, we didn't have the alligator. We had a lion, monkey, elephant and ostrich. If you are interested, I found the elephant on ebay. I'm not sure if it is the lighting or if the mug is faded. The picture makes it look less vibrant than the one my mom has. You could always check with the seller to see as the picture quality isn't great and I suspect part of the problem might be the lighting.

Also, the fairytale series is from the same J.S.N.Y. manufacturer. Carol Wright Gifts was just one of the retailers who sold the animal and fairytale mugs in the US.

Jane Eleanor said...

I will be listing an ostrich on Etsy today. Check out Ronaele's Corner at
I hope you find all of them. i'll keep my eyes peeled.
Take care,


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