Monday, January 3, 2011

bear with me

i mentioned this to my friends in bee vintage, but now i think i need to share it here as well. an old friend of mine has been hit with some tragic news this holiday season. amy and i've known each other since our older brothers played ball together in little league, and we spent the summers running around westurban. we were on the same softball team one summer, and even though we went to different high schools, she always kept in touch. we reconnected on facebook awhile back. we both are moms of four littles, which isn't something i have in common with a lot of my friends. anyways.

her not yet 3 year old daughter liviana was born with some serious heath issues called congenital diaphragmatic hernia, and despite that triumphed and prevailed.   until now. now she has been diagnosed with a completely separate disease. metachromatic leukeodystrophy. for which, once symptomatic,  there is no cure.

and now, her younger brother, only eleven months old, has the same diagnosis.  except he's presymptomatic, so he is eligible for treatment.  in milan, italy.  where they are heading in the next 2 weeks with their family of 6.   it's all so confusing and heart wrenching.  i tear up every day thinking about her family and what they are going through.

if you think you'd like to help in any way, even just by praying for them, please visit liviana's journey. 

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