Saturday, January 15, 2011

final reflections & predictions

Looking back on the sewing scene of 2010, what trends stand out in your mind?

japanese prints are still huge, and i love that vintage sheets got their own line with dream on by urban chiksvoile was big too.

What were some of your favorite things? (Trends, fabric collections, patterns, blogs? Whatever you really loved.)

zipper flowers - but i'm not hip enough to rock them.
joining the kcmqg and meeting so many cool people there!
finally doing a craft show after wanting to forever
joining my 1st quilting "bee" on flickr

What was your very favorite fabric collection or print? (If not listed above.)

i really love hello betty by chloe's closet.  it's right up there in my top five of all time. the colors are fab together.

and sunspots from amy butler's love.  why are her dots always divine?

What was the best thing you made in 2010? (Be sure to share a photo!)

sawyer daniel!  :)

my sweet baby quilt.  i didn't have a girl to snuggle up in this, but i still pet it often and it hangs in my room.  such a precious fabric line!

What is one of the best things you saw that was made by someone else?
oh fransson's tokyo subway quilt is so cool.  and i loved seeing cherri house's city quilts in person!  they are stunning!  and hearing her speak was inspiring and emotional.

What do you think 2011 has in store? (Again, trends, fabric, patterns, etc.)

i'm hoping to see refashioning existing clothing continue its popularity.  and i know more and more people are sewing and designing, so i'm sure there will be a zillion new craft stars emerge.

Anything you’re ready for the sewing world to get over?

tutorials using buntings & ruffles.  no offense to anybody, and i don't know why i feel that way because i adore both of them!  maybe i'm just ready for something new? 

What’s on your sewing agenda for 2011? 

quilts, quilts, and more quilts!  maybe a skirt for myself and definitely some shorts for the boyos in my house.

What are you excited about?

i'm excited to have more time to myself next fall, when the new school year starts!  my husband will be working a ton of overtime this spring so i may get some evenings to sew after bedtime.  and in july we'll be headed to iowa for a reunion and i'd like to follow one of the barn quilt trails.  i have a couple quilt shops to check out too.

What would you like to learn more about?

free motion quilting, yeast bread, and canning.

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Kristin said...

Those fabrics ARE gorgeous! Love the second one!


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